ENCOURAGEMENT TO CLIMB #1 - - Special Review

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Man, I don’t know what to do with this. A show about girls planning to bring a picnic up a mountain right outside of town? I guess I could recommend it to my friend who loves to rock climb. (This might actually be the entry-level anime otakus have been looking for in their quest to win over the climbing community).

For whatever reason, Crunchy Roll’s been featuring a number of shows lately that are parceled out into three-minute micro installments. Even if I were somehow gung ho about the slight storyline I just described above, I’m sure I’d still be befuddled over how such a serialization scheme works with the expectations of broadcasting. Are these interstitials that somehow fit between regular shows who end just three minutes short of regular run-times? Is there some magazine anthology-style programming block that fits ten or so shows into a half-hour?

These little nuggets of content feel less tantalizing and more shrug-inducing. Maybe there’s something pleasingly concise about setting a series up in the time it takes most other shows to simply run their theme songs, but there’s also something weirdly uneventful over how the plot’s diced up for some of these. I mean, one episode centered on these girls learning how to boil instant soup. The experience is less like a perfectly-compact sushi roll and more like a slice of bread crust served on a dinner plate… if you follow me.

Am I missing something here? Will this story of junior mountain climbing actually ascend to greater heights of profundity? You tell me.

Watch the first episode of this show, "This is Comic Earth Star's Editorial Staff” here and decide for yourself.

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Hey, I'm as confused here as you. I only came for the schoolgirl fighting a bear.

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this show dose not sound encouraging at all,

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Do Ishida and Asakura next!

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It kind of the problem with the short shows is that it too short to really set the mood in.

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Shouldnt their be a "vs" between them an hit point bars above their heads on either side of the screen?

serously tho if you want the short anime 3 to 5 mintues done right go here


tho as a reviewer you would have to do 3 or 4 at time to be worth your time. but they are light hearted , funny an some times even.. funny.

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I think some people saw the success (let's not talk quality here) of Hetalia and thought if they could crank out seven episodes instead of one and make a huge hit, then what's to stop it. (Opening and closing takes up the same 2 minutes or so, so 3 minutes of actual story instead of 20.) This might work for sometihng like GJ-bu or Acchi Kocchi, but not when you're trying to fit in something that seems like it should have more teeth.

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