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Topic started by Daniel_Newton on June 26, 2013. Last post by takashichea 5 months, 3 weeks ago.
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Hey guys, I've noticed people occasionally using the wrong episode names and/or air dates in the wiki and wanted to clear things up.

Episode names should be the official English names, if available. This means they should NOT just be translations of the Japanese names. The only exception to this is when an anime has no official English release of any kind. To be clear, here is a list of where you should look for episode names when editing the wiki:

  1. Official English release - websites like FUNimation
  2. Simulcast/on-demand release - websites like Crunchyroll, Anime Network, Hulu, etc.
  3. Wikipedia - they usually use official names, but when none are available they should have the Japanese translations

As for episode air dates, they should be the Japanese television air dates. This means they should NOT be the dates listed on simulcast sites (these are typically a day later or more) nor should they be the English television air dates. I understand why this may seem confusing; why use the English names but the Japanese air dates? It's simply to keep dates consistent across the wiki and with other wikis on the internet. Wikipedia has the same policy, though they sometimes also list English air dates separately. Anime Vice doesn't have that feature built-in, so if you want to add English air dates, you can add them to the episode pages themselves.

I realize this all seems more confusing than it should be, but I hope I've helped clear things up a little. If you ever forget what names and dates you should be using in the wiki, just check back here.

Thanks guys, keep up the good wiki work!

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I remember I need to fix up Attack on Titan and Magi because I mess up. I check over my wiki projects. Thanks for the guide Daniel.

Plot Summary

Penetrate the Heavens with Your Drill
RomajiOmae no Doriru de Ten wo Tsuke!!
Theme Music
OpeningSorairo Days
(List of theme music)

Where should we put the English Date in the infobox? I'm thinking below translation or Romaji.

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Hey when you're adding Yugioh Zexal episodes, make sure they are official English names. See the rules that Daniel put up. You can include the Japanese names in a misc section or template box.


  • Japanese Name: A Light Trap "Yasashii Koto" (やさしい事)
  • Manga Chapter: Chapter 12-13 (Volume 4)
  • Opening Theme: "In My World" by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D
  • Ending Theme: "Wired Life" by Meisa Kuroki
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Hi, I'm a new mod here. I noticed you adding episodes to the Hakkenden: The Strange Tale of Eight Dogs of the East series. You're doing a great job on it. One minor thing. Daniel, my friend, had this policy that anime series should be named with official English titles if they are licensed or simulcast.

I'm pretty much converting every title from Wikipedia to Crunchyroll. If you have questions, please ask Daniel or the mods.

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Here you go,

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@takashichea: Thanks.

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is there a way to change the titale of an episode because i noticed that aldnoah episodes have 2 titals format?

I don't understand your wall post.

If by format, you mean alternative titles, you will go with HULU, Crunchyroll, or FUNimation. We don't use Wikipedia's titles.

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