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As a community we should post what pages need work in our minds,

This site is a TEAM effort and thus I propose the Team Edit project.

Post a page you feel needs major work on this thread and hopefully the community will take the challenge,,,

I will start this with a few challenges....



Hot Shot

Captain Keith

Anyways we all have characters we want to see worked on, post them here!

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I feel so guilty that I haven't responded since I read this so many times and hesitated to comment. I want to help but I only have transformer knowledge of Beast Wars and Transformer Armada. To increase that, I have to watch the whole series plus some more, but that takes time. In the summer, I had time to try HalberdierV2's project, Gosick. Now, I'm stuck with 3 team projects and a solo one that still ongoing from February 2011 with school in session. My hands are full.

I love your StarScream Page. He's my favorite character in the Armada series. Too bad, he's still a bad guy in Energon series. Dinobot was my favorite character in Beast Wars.

There's so many pages out there and many independent wiki editors who either enjoy working solo or are searching for a companion.

The only thing I can do now is give advice on how to format pages, what references for manga/ anime you should use, and image hunting tips.

EganTheVile1: Did you ever ask Obsidian609 to be your partner? He's a transformer fan, too. (You already knew that already.)

Good luck, man!

I need to finish the Wiki Editor's Archive for 2011 in the #Wiki Editing forum.

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@takashichea: Thanks man, funny Armada Starscream was my favorite character in that series, Dinobot was my favorite in BW, and I of course edited those pages to some decent extent. I think the spirit of this page thread naturally lived on so no need to feel guilty, as Team Wiki, is basically the same thing as I proposed back in the day. We editors are hard at work on this page more then ever and that is so awesome to me. I love anime, and I love this site and seeing so many who feel the same hard at work like yourself, anna, obsidian, foxxfire, sick, and the rest always made working on the wiki worthwhile.

My current obsession is still Transformers, wiki wise, but also trying to hammer out all the minor Claymore and Cowboy Bebop characters, as well as the massive undertaking that is the GI Joe and Macross/Robotech franchises

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