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Hey guys and gals! I've been receiving requests and recommendations from the new and old editors and folks in the community. I figured to open this blog. I'm not a mod which may explained why I been receiving two requests a week. I'm willing to help out anyone.

Just shoot me a request. Though, it has to be minor like upload some eyecatches or adding character pages. I can't do episode summaries for a random anime series. That's insane. I only do that for former teammates who want to team up with me like the old days.

Types of Requests

  • Upload Eyecatches - I'm doing an Wiki Task: The Eyecatch Collection. If you guys and gals know some shows with eyecatches, I'll be happy to upload them.
  • Find image sources for anime caps
  • Troubleshoot wiki pages
  • For Kanji and Romaji, you have to ask FoxxFireArt. He's an expert in that field. I use Google Chrome, but it's not 100% reliable.
  • Find Manga Covers for you. I find Japanese covers more easily than American versions. If you want American covers, I will ask a friend of mine, PikaHyper. I use a program called AZID. (Daniel showed me this cool program) Amazon does upload fine American covers if you use the program. Sometimes, the older manga series about 5 years or older won't have good covers.
  • Reuse and Recycle anime and volume series. I can actually delete volume covers without having mod powers. It's a trick I found accidentally. Though, one CV member got upset when I taught it to other wiki editors. I didn't know it was a secret.
  • Finding Implied Sex Scenes - I'm doing a project to make a big database on Implied Sex Scenes. Dream has been doing a fantastic job on it. If you guys find one, leave a comment on the implied sex scene thread.


This is request from me. My teammates, Acura Max and BigHeart711, and I are always hunting for trailers for the new seasons.

If you find one, please feel free to drop a comment or PM me.

This is a recent one: Summer Anime 2013 Trailers.


Some folks ask me for recommendations for shows. Surprisingly enough, I don't watch a lot of anime from different genre, but I do know folks who are specialists in certain areas. I'm more of a Shonen fan. I do venture out of my preference zone. I take recommendations, too.

  • If you want good ecchi titles, I know some buddies, Sotyfan16 or Daniel.
  • If you want good slice of life shows, my buddy Auron570 is an expert in this area.
  • If you want some hentai titles, my pal, Sonata, watches over hundreds of titles.
  • If you like harem titles, PenguinDust, DocHaus, and Supreme Marvel are experts.
  • For yaoi and yuri titles, I don't know anyone in the community. I don't watch a lot of yaoi and yuri. I do watch some, but I only know dull ones.

Don't be afraid. We do have good folks here.

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Taka im gonna do a wiki task in Sakura Trick can u also add the episode 1 and 2 pages in the images also ill get the characters in

Got it. I'll upload the images for you. If you're shy, I don't mind you PMing me your requests or writing on my wall. It's just that no one uses this blog.

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@takashichea: ...because it's easier to ask you over PM than use a blog.

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True, most requests I get are in PMs. Plus, I get requests in Twitter occasionally usually it's hentai related. I do these dirty jobs, so they don't have to do it.

Just wanted to tell everyone, I'm here to help.

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@takashichea: can you create a wiki page for Area D manga

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Finished your request: Area D: Inou Ryouiki.

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@takashichea: thank you :D

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