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Topic started by Little_Sparrow on Feb. 17, 2009. Last post by Tempest 5 years, 10 months ago.
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Hey guys, I wanted to put this up so subbers can ask questions and perhaps get answers not just from mods but fellow vicers. This can be asking people to check out a couple of pages, ask something about a page you are working on and so on.
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yes that`s the name atleast both rpdshr and Anime Benelux say so.
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@aztek: That is the literal name of the series. I checked some DB fansites and basically it's the re-released form of the series except there are a few changes in it. I believe it was the last couple chapters that change the series.
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Question? Can anyone take a look at Luppi's page...and tell me what are good and bad things about it (about how I wrote it out, that is). Too much info? Too little? xD I want to know what some of you think, since I more or less plan to write out the pages of other Bleach characters in the same style.
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@Tempest: I like the length of it. It isn't long or short; I find it just right. :)
A couple things to note:
  • For things like this: "reiatsu (i.e. spiritual power)," I would create a concept page for that instead of just listing it in this particular character's page. Since reiatsu is a big deal in Bleach, it should be added as a concept. It's like Spiral Energy being a concept for Gurren Lagann.
  • There's a few minor grammatical and punctuation errors but they're hardly noticeable.
  • You don't have to link to every character mentioned in the history page. Having too many links can be distracting.
  • I found the powers section to be a bit short. Maybe it's just me but there could be more added to this one section. I would also note "Trepadora ("climber", a vine that climbs; in Spanish)" to say this: Trepadora ("climber" in Spanish, a vine that climbs) but that's just my personal choice.

Overall, nice job and I look forward to having more wiki pages similar to this one. =)
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Thanks Red ^^' . I think at the point writing the powers section, I was just so sick of working on the page that I couldn't be bothered filling out anything more...especially powers that Luppi hasn't even been shown using xP. I'll think about what you said when I work on the other pages I plan to fill out.
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