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Well as many of us editors have seen there are a lot of "stub pages" on this site, a stub page is a page with no information, some of these were generated at the sites launch, they were likely intended to be a page for a major single named character who later got a more detailed page, others were user made, with nothing done to them, and some stubs have of late been associated to presumably fan-fic characters, like single letter character pages becoming fan-fic Death Note detectives.... This is a widespread issue. But then there are other stubs, for example,  I added a lot of characters to the Transformers franchise, and no information, mainly just to associate the character to an episode/manga issue, and yet there are some other oddities, one character who is a quest answer in Look Who's Talking, has NO appearances added to him at the time of this post. 
This is a wiki site and I am just one man, so I am pleading for the other editors to help make this site as awesome as we know it can and should be and get to work if you see a stub that you can use for something, then use it for something, and also keep an eye out for characters lacking appearances who should have a few associated to them and characters who have none because they are fan-fics or whatever that slipped through the cracks. 
Lets work on helping out AV! 
Again most of AV's stubs however are characters who simply need some info, so writers keep your eyes open for personal faves missing info
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Sorry for not commenting on this. I don't have much knowledge about transformers, and only series, I recall watching are Beast Wars 1 and 2, Armada, and Energon. It must have been 6 years ago.

The main problem with transformers is doing the story arcs for them since they have multiple series. I'm up for doing their origin and creation. For Evolution, it needs more research like the story arcs sections.

To tackle this problem is to take down one character each week if it is possible. Time is such a scarcity. The best way is to get a team of at least three.

I'm up for doing one transformer character per week. Who's with EgantheVile1? We need some people. Get the staff to pour some bounty tasks to get word out.

Stub pages

Let's try our best to fill them out. Go Anime Vice!

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The bad thing about stubs is that I think many people see them and figure they must be linked to something somewhere or are referring to another character with the same name so they don't edit thing.

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@sickVisionz:  Yeah, I try to put use to them as much as possible, recently I turned a stub into a page for a character that now has 125 associated appearances with Momo not a character I know much about mind you, but she needed a page and there was a stub Momo page so I made use of it.
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