Should the Spoiler Tags in wiki pages be removed?

Topic started by Bigheart711 on June 9, 2011. Last post by sickVisionz 3 years, 8 months ago.
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Hello again. Since the spoiler tags are changing for all users soon, I was wondering if any spoiler tags/warnings from the wiki pages showing up right now be removed immediately. The reason why I asked was because I fear that anything in the old tags might not be opened ever again once the new editor appears.
Post by Fire Star (3,732 posts) See mini bio Level 16
I agree they should be removed, especially for those unfamiliar with the old tags. Plus, I'm really against using spoiler tags at all in wiki's, they look really bad and I always say read at your own risk.
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Personally I'd vote for removing the spoiler tags from wiki pages, as I think it should be expected that some stuff is going to be spoiled if you look at a wiki page for it.
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Spoiler tags are not supposed to be in wiki pages ever. A wiki page is in effect a spoiler. All the information that is important to a character or story should be written in a wiki page, hence spoilers must be included.

I've removed that spoiler button from the wiki page editor before, but it seems to get accidentally added back in.

Post by Bigheart711 (4,418 posts) See mini bio Level 21
@fire_star: @DocHaus: @ethan: Thanks for your input, everyone. Time to right some wrongs for those beloved wiki pages!
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If your reading a wiki page it is because you are seeking information you do not already know, in other words, spoilers, I don't use the spoiler function while editing, in reviews, yes, in forums sometimes, but I think it just looks bad on wiki pages.
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Really? Yeah I can understand it not being on the majority of wiki pages. But I think spoiler tags have a purpose in episode summaries. I've been writing my episode summaries to give a set-up of the major plot of the episode, then put the result of the plot and other action in spoilers.
In my opinion, this is similar to episode reviews, or even series reviews. You give just enough info for people who haven't checked out the episode/series yet, some idea of what to expect from the episode and whether to check it out (this would be the material not in spoilers). And on the flip side you give people who have already watched it a chance to clarify stuff they might have missed or didn't understand (this would be both material in and out of spoilers).
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I wouldn't use spoiler tags but there are some things I won't do when it comes to things I'll reveal early on a page. There's a variety of things on a wiki character page and everyone who comes to one isn't necessarily looking to have every point of a character's progression spoiled in the first the paragraph or with a character main image that shows a person having leveled up and gained multiple powers, some which can only come from killing another character. It would suck to have all of that spoiled just because you were interested in the Kanji in a character's name.

@AURON570: Back when I was under the impression that plot summaries were supposed to be as detail free as possible, I worked around that issue by formatting certain series like this.

Plot Summary

One or two sentences that only give you basic idea of what happened in the episode

Detailed Summary

A much longer summary that goes through the specifics and details of an episode.

Once the wiki style guide was changed and examples of episode summaries to emulate were going up to like 8 paragraphs long and crazy detailed, I stopped separating the two though. Still, I think a setup similar to the one above would be effective for your concerns. As long as you start with the Plot Summary H2, I think it's ok to add additional sections as you see fit.

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