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  How do I submit a pokemon picture when it won't let me? I'm on my iPod touch(I don't have a computer). The pop-up window gives a couple buttons, but I need a slot were it will let me enter the code of the picture. What do I do? This is the picture...IMG_0144.JPG
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Wiki Gallery:
Go to the gallery then press ''Add Images'' then press the ''my desktop'' button and choose the image you want to upload, after it uploaded you can either choose to drag it in to a sub-gallery or delete double`s. press ''done'' and refresh your page.
Do you see the ''insert button'' above the comment box? press that button then press ''image'' and then press ''my desktop'', after that you can choose the size you want to post it in and just press ''done'' and that`s how you get pictures on here.
Alternative: At that same ''insert button'' you can also choose ''html'' just copy the html code from a image you already have on another site ''photobucket, Pbase, Imageshack, ect'' pres okay and the picture should appear in the comment box.
O and moved btw
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Post by Flannery (14 posts) See mini bio Level 3
I tried again^^^^^^. it still won't let me. And as I said before, I'm on my iPod touch, but I still tried what you said, when the desktop button appears, it blanks out with a picture of a Lego block with a question mark on it. That is because the program used to run that feature is not comatible with my iPod touch. And I don't have a computer of any kind.
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@Flannery: Your iPod Touch may just not be compatible with our picture uploading system. I'll poke the programmers on Monday and double-check on that if I can.
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Thank you, because I have a whole bunch pokemon pictures I wish to submitt. I hope you guys can program it in, that would help a lot ;•)
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Well, I tried again.....
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@Flannery: Interesting? So you post entirely with your iTouch?
I've noticed it still on the list, but it should hypothetically go "click add images, select desktop, (you find and click the image from your harddrive)"
But when you select the image, its coming out like that?
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