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When adding a manga series, it prompts you for the manga series' name, a book name, and a book number. Whilst I know what to put in the first field, I'm unsure what the other two fields are asking me; is it asking for the name of the first volume of the manga series? And is "book number" meant to be the number of volumes in the series, or the number of the volume you're initially adding?
Thanks in advance.
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Does no-one know?
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You can leave the volume title blank since some authors do not name their individual volumes. As for the numbers, it is the volume's number in the series.

For example: Alice in the Country of Hearts volumes do not have the title, so I leave it blank but you still need the number.

I know's it a late response, but I know there are some people who are afraid to add volume because they might goof or they just don't know how to it.

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@takashichea: In the end I decided to go for my gut instinct, and ended up with pretty much what you said. It's nice someone eventually got back to me though :)

At least this topic will be searchable now for others unsure about it.

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