Publisher = Animation Studio?

Topic started by sickVisionz on June 3, 2011. Last post by Count_Zero 3 years, 6 months ago.
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I've always wondered if the publisher field on the anime page is supposed to really be for the publisher of a series or if it's supposed to be the animation studio?  
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It almost seems like a weird holdover from comic vine, the same way that manga series come under "volume" in the search. For what it's worth, I always put the animation studio there anyway for shows. The animation studio's catalogue of anime and manga seems to be linked to that field as well.

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I have wondered the same, and this is a weird one, take a series like Voltron for example, it was animated by Toei, but distributed by WEP, or currently Transformers Prime, produced and distributed by Hasbro Studios, animated by Polygon pictures... I think we need to be able to add multiple companies to a single series... and on the subject, be able to add a company in general to movies.
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@EganTheVile1: Agreed. For Orphen, for example (which I've been wikibombing), the Publisher could be...

  1. Kadokawa Shoten (the publisher of the light novels the series is based on)
  2. Sentai Filmworks (the current US licensor)
  3. TBS (the Japanese broadcaster)

  4. J.C. Staff (the animation studio who did the series)

So, when editing the wiki page, I had to pick just one, so I went with Sentai Filmworks. Maybe for a future update to Anime Vice, we could get a change so multiple publishers can be selected (in the same way that multiple genres can be selected. I'm not sure how hard that would be to set up though.

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