Moderating Images: When to disapprove?

Topic started by WasHere on Dec. 6, 2008. Last post by jlrm01 6 years, 3 months ago.
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If the image is put into an improper gallery, then do I disapprove or approve?

I'm just confused because it says nothing on the "bad image criteria" about adding images onto bad galleries, but instead focuses on images put onto bad created galleries (which are disapproved)
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is it a screenshot if it's from a game as well?
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I do disapprove them if they are placed in an improper gallery, usually with a comment indicating to what gallery it should go, so that the user can re-submit the image to the correct gallery. There is no need to re-upload it. If images are allowed to go into incorrect galleries, then someone later has to fix this mistake. Images don't "die" if they are disapproved.

EDIT: Since comments reach the uploader, I quite frequently get a "thanks!" comment from them in response, and after a bit of time you see the image placed in the correct gallery.

Disco said:
"is it a screenshot if it's from a game as well?"
Well, if you are trying to place an image on a gallery that says just Screenshots, then I guess you could place a game screenshot in there. That is why I recommend to say if it is from an anime in the gallery name (with a name such as Anime Screencaps or Anime Screenshots) if that character appears in multiple media, so that you know to which gallery an image belongs. In my opinion, of course.
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