How Many Wiki Pages Have I Made??!

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Wow, I've made all that?!
Wow, I've made all that?!

Not too long ago, I heard about the Whiskey user Marino over on Giant Bomb being credited for creating over 1,000 pages. He's currently the top wiki editor on Giant Bomb by an extremely wide margin. Currently, he has over 532K wiki points and the number two points earner is at 237K. Bravo to him for all that hard work. He really deserves that recognition. It's just that hearing about this accomplishment kind of got me curious. At my current points total of 583K points, how many pages have I actually created? I must say that I never really kept track of that.

As I try and think. The One Piece series has around 360+ characters in the franchise and I created profiles for the vast majority of them since it has an enormous supporting cast. Though, many of the larger names were on here before I joined Anime Vice. This isn't even counting all the location and object profiles I created that tie into the series. I've also probably made over 100 episode profiles for the series. Add to that when it wasn't that long ago that I made sure that there were character profiles for all the characters in the Naruto series that were from the Leaf Village, Sand Village, and Cloud Village. I created the concept profiles for the Six Paths of Pain and the profiles of those dead characters within it, except Yahiko (who was already on the site at the time). I haven't created many profiles for BLEACH, but I did make the Fullbring profile and created profiles for a few of the characters that use the ability.

There was also that work on the Fullmetal Alchemist series. Most of the bigger names had profiles, but a lot of the minor roles were missing character profiles. I made the Amestris State Military and State Alchemist profiles. The profiles for the Nation of Amestris was already made when I joined, but I made profiles for all the other named locations within the nation.

There are the profiles for many of the supporting characters in Highschool of the Dead and Black Lagoon I've made profiles for. This list could go on and on of series where I've created profiles for series characters. Blessing of Campenella, Okamisan, Strike Witches, Negima!, Spice and Wolf, Code Geass, Girls Bravo, and more. This isn't even counting object and concept profiles. I created the KMF page, as well as nearly all the KMFs listed on it. I made the Detective page, the Straw Hat Pirates team profile. Then add to all of this the countless voice actor profiles I've had to make to ensure the characters could be properly credited.

It just kind of bugs me that I don't really know the number. It's hard to even guess. I would actually be a little interested to know the answer. If I added all of this up, would it equal 1,000 pages or over?

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@FoxxFireArt: Hmm...if I had to say, I would think that you have made at least 800+ pages, FoxxFireArt. You have been a committed member of this site and has helped the AV Wiki Database become a wonderful place with all of your hard dedication into making some amazing Wiki pages. Your work for the One Piece, Naruto, Code Geass, and Highschool of the Dead franchises (with all of their related pages you have created/worked on) is nothing short of amazing.

Hmm...If I had to think about it, I have made the following pages:

Franchise Pages: KanoKon and the old Sora no Otoshimono page (now Heaven's Lost Property)

Manga Volume Pages: Maid Bride, KanoKon, and Tsundero (all in progress)

Character Pages: Chaos, Ikaros, Astraea, Nymph, Mikako, Hiyori Kazane, Sohara Mitsuki, Eishiro Sugata, Harpies, The Man of Synapse, Daedalus (Heaven's Lost Property); Akira Midorikawa, Kubota Arutarou, White Princess, Staff Officer Zande, Yuuki, Yuuko, Hosokawa Hazuki (Maid Bride); Kouta Oyamada and other KanoKon character pages (except for Chizuru Minamoto)

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I'm not sure how many I've created.

I think I made characters for...

Panty & StockingAll but two or three
KatanagatariAll except for Togame, Shichika, Nanami and Koumori... I think. I think came in one episode late and those existed... I think.
Asobi ni IkuyoI think everyone except Kio, Elis and Jack. I think DocHaus made those 3.
Dragon CrisisAll
Pani Poni DashEveryone except for Class 1-C, who were just stubs made when the site was launched
Rio Rainbow GateAll except Rio herself
Galaxy Express 999All except Maetel, Tetsuro & the Conductor
WagnariaI'm pretty sure I made everyone, but my memory is foggy so I'll just say I made most of them.
ErinEveryone the last time I checked it.
Toshokan SensouI think everyone but the main girl.
Time of EveAll

I can say for sure that if there are concepts, objects, and locations unique to those series I probably made them.

I made a decent amount of Naruto characters and concepts as well as some Captain Harlock characters and exactly two Bleach characters. I don't think the total even adds up to 500 though. Even still, I'd hate to think about the amount of time it would take to make all of them comply with my current Wiki-editing style. Basically everything that I started before Rio & Dragon Crisis needs varying degrees of work to be up to snuff with the style guide and my own standards.

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It would be an interesting statistic to see indeed, though I don't know how you would get an accurate number if you didn't start documenting when you first began creating pages.

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Online Now

I think you've created more than a 1,000 pages.

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This is why there is an added by ETV1 list////// 
Geez added by FFA.... that may take some time, of course you did recently dupe with the clone dupe concept... or was that some1 elses page you like me just edited? anyways your a cool mod and the hardest working man on AV, so feel encouraged to take some cred
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@takashichea said:

I think you've created more than a 1,000 pages.

Ive easily done over a thousand, I think FFA may be in 100K territory
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