Enough with these ridiculous aliases

Topic started by buhssuht on Jan. 27, 2013. Last post by takashichea 2 months ago.
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When I'm browsing some of wikis on AnimeVice, I stumble upon some character's page with ridiculous aliases. I don't know about some of editors out there but I feel like you should only add aliases if it's important to the plot whether it's character's title or nickname, and yet something uncommon. Maybe I'm overreacting to this matter, so people who are reading this can be the judge. As far as I'm concerned, please think before you edit.

Some good examples

For Goku, he really does get called by different name, he got his Earthing name and Saiyan name, with different spelling for each.

And as for Optimus Prime, he got Japanese name and US name, as well as different incarnation.

Some bad examples

Pidge's alias is shorty. Really, he can't be the only character who's short and called shorty is he?

I don't remember anybody calling Ichigo king before. Even so he isn't the only king manga/anime universe, or have King as his name.

I don't even know where to begin with Alucard. Most of his aliases variation of his original names and nicknames. Really now, Count? Monster?

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@buhssuht: Got rid of a few completely pointless aliases from Ichigo and Alucard's pages, but it's not really a big deal overall.

I haven't watched Hellsing so I don't really know how valid the aliases left on his page are. Sometimes it seems like certain aliases should obviously be removed but they're actually the character's name in a certain dub or translation, so it's hard to deal with aliases sometimes. Several of Goku's aliases are examples of that.

I searched "shorty" and two characters came up, so that's not a problem. It would only be a problem if like... 50 characters came up, making the search difficult to deal with.

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@Daniel_Newton: I think that's part of problem; fixing alias whenever you feel like. Say I delete all those aliases because it's invalid, some fanboy/fangirl is gonna notice it and he or she is going to be all like "This character should be called such and such, and I'm going to add that as aliases."

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@buhssuht: Well, that kind of logic applies to all of the wiki, when you think about it. I wouldn't worry too much, extra aliases generally don't cause any actual problems.

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@Daniel_Newton: I hope not. I only posted because I was kinda fed up with some other aliases I've found.

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@buhssuht: @Daniel_Newton:

I'll keep an eye out for these aliases. Oh, I remember Lucy Heartphilia had a ton of them because of Natsu and some other characters' pet names for her. I think that was the old me back in 2010. I'd better check her out.

  • Lucy Heartphilia
  • Luigi
  • Cosplay Queen
  • Princess
  • Loppy
  • Lucy-Wucy
  • Rival in Love
  • Cheerleader
  • Lu-chan

Yup, I removed everything except Lucy Heartphilia.

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Please check this thread. It will help you because I notice you were making mistakes for the One Piece character aliases. I have commented on your past wiki rejections. I don't think I'm getting through here. Hopefully, my old teammate's blog helps explain it better to you.

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Well, this is kind of a thing in the wikis, but it really doesn't give that much of a bad effect. Still, if you want the pages clean, then that's okay.

@takashichea: that Rival in Love is too much lol

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I get why wiki editors were concerned because some aliases weren't really names in the first place. They were pet names, insults, or temporary titles given. You want nicknames, romanized names (because of alternative spellings), and actual titles. An alias helps solve dupe wiki page conflicts. When you have too many unnecessary aliases, it makes it hard to search for a page like God concept page if you put god in the alias box for many characters.

Yeah, the Lucy aliases were crazy. That was the old days when we didn't know better.

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