Developer Updates: Anime Credits, Episode Images and more!

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AnimeVice is on the Flight Deck and ready for action.
AnimeVice is on the Flight Deck and ready for action.
Hey folks:
I've been reading up on people's questions and critiques and I spent some time changing and adding some things to the wiki area of the site.  Some of the changes you might not notice, but they should help you more easily submit additions and edits to the wiki.  Here's what I've done:

1. Episode Images:

When adding an episode, attaching an image is optional.  On any Anime episode page, you can now upload more images specific to that episode... AND those images will also be attached to the series and the franchise. 

You'll find this fix on the movie and also the manga's book page.    You'll also prolly notice that the form for uploading the images ( on episode, book or movie ) is way simpler and doesn't ask you to create or attach the image to galleries.  We dont really expect to have galleries at the Episode, Book or movie level.  Galleries will mainly just stay at the Franchise level.

2. Cast and Credits

Some people wondered why we didn't show the Cast and Credis at the Series page ( we only had it at the individual episode level ).  Well now you can see it on a series.  Check out the Speed Racer series and scroll down to see Cast and Credit.  But you still have to add the cast and credits at the episode page, same set up as on comicvine with comic book issues.

3. DVDs

We have the concept of Anime Series and Movies here on AnimeVice.  We also allow you to create a DVD and attach it to a series or a movie.  When you do that it will also show up on the New Releases tab at the top of this page.  This is a cool tool for us to catalog DVDs and when they will be release to the public.

4. Franchise Forums

Whether you are on a Series, Episode, Book, or Franchise page, you will always have that Franchise's forum posts at the bottom of the page. 

I have tons of other small changes I'll be making too.  Like adding mulitple publisher's to a Series or Manga, OR making the release date information more clear and usable.

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I noticed a couple things concerning the episode images. I accidentally put the wrong image on an episode(smacks self) and noticed that I can't delete that image from the episode even though the option is there. I tried and it did nothing. I then tried to set the correct image as the default for the page which worked but it also set that image as the default for series as well. Going to the series level and resetting the image fixed that.

Another thing I noticed was that all the input boxes came up at the same time instead of one after the other and one was duplicated. When I added the first image, the only way to get rid of the image upload box was to click the X. Then I got to the "search for episodes"  box but nothing came up when I entered text into the field. Once again the only way around it was to hit the X. Anyway here is a screen of what I'm talking about:


Just incase it's browser related I'm running Firefox 3.0.4
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Thanks for all the info. I'll take a look at all your points and get them sorted out!
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