Concept Art gallery and what should go in it

Topic started by jlrm01 on Dec. 5, 2008. Last post by WilliamRLBaker 6 years, 3 months ago.
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While modding images I keep seeing a lot of images that I don't consider Concept Art at all being placed on that gallery. My initial reaction is to disapprove them... but there are way too many...

Maybe my definition of Concept Art is different? To me, in a character page, for example, pretty much the only images that could go in are art sketches from the character designer, or from the mangaka before he made the manga, and similar images.

Images that aren't concept art to me: images from DVD covers, manga, magazines (except the sketches from the character designer, as I mentioned) such as Newtype, and other "final art". There is no "concept" to these images. They are "final art". Concept art usually occurs in the early stages of an anime / manga creation (or on sequels, if characters are changed)...

Do I have my definition wrong? Could be. Should I turn a blind eye and let them in?

I'm confused as to how I should proceed...
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no you dont have your definition wrong this happend at giantbomb quite a lot in the first days.
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i'm with you, jlrm01. to define it exactly from almighty google:
Defined as any preliminary art on paper contributing to the finished product of the animated cartoon including the conception of character, mood ...
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I was confused too at first but i didnt knew where the pics should have gone.
guess i did it right after all (i hope)
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So, they should be disapproved with a comment to the likes of "Please make an Official Art gallery for this image. Please re-submit." Official Art is the name I used on GB (to include DVD covers / manga covers / magazine images; the emphasis being on the art found on these, not what kind of media it is) to imply other official images that are not concept art (mainly on character pages, maybe on some other pages Manga / Anime / Magazine should be separate). Some other name would do, just a suggestion.

If they aren't disapproved now, people will keep doing it.

EDIT: We really should establish some standard names early on for galleries. To avoid the zillion names in galleries sometimes found on GB. I use Anime Screencaps for screens from an anime, for example. Maybe Screenshots would work, too.
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Screenshots,Concept art, Fan Art, After production work which should be art not from the actual show but made afterwards such as wall papers or stand alone art works.
and yes disaprove so as to get them to make better galleries.
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