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I've been finding these during image moderation...

Say, for example, there is a page for Shana and someone will try to make a Shana gallery inside it. Isn't this very redundant? After all it is the page for Shana. Shouldn't galleries inside it be about what kind of Shana images they are? (Wallpapers, fan art, etc.).

This happened so much at GB and so many people approved these images, that I pretty much gave up opposing them.

I still don't see why they should be approved (as it would be an unnecessary gallery). Should they?
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But maybe what will happen is that people will add their images to the Character Name gallery (because the character is in it) in addition to another gallery.

AV defaults to the Gallery view instead of All Images... so if an image isn't in a gallery it will not be seen...

EDIT: I still find it redundant. Oh, well. If there are, say, Official Art + Fan Art + Wallpapers + other galleries describing what kind of images they are, then all images can be classified as one of those. If it can't be I think they should be left in All Images (but it wouldn't be necessary).
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Points. The more galleries you put an image into, the more points you get. (That is one possibility, anyway)

In some cases I have thought of doing that (same image in multiple galleries), for example, when a Wallpaper is made from a fan art image. If you see the image linked both to Wallpapers and Fan Art, you know it is wallpaper-sized and is fan art, at the same time. I would only consider it if the fan art image is not by itself in a gallery (not used as a wallpaper). I don't like to do this, however.

EDIT: So I should approve Character page -> Character Name images, right?
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Renaming a gallery after it is made? I'm not sure if wiki mods can rename galleries... Don't remember. Well, over at GB, as a regular user, I can't do that (only galleries in my Images).
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I have been coming across these galleries too, seem pointless to me.

Edit: Oh I see the problem now, so it doesn't go to all images but to galleries instead... I see.
Nope, still think it should be deleted. I think everything can be sorted into galleries anyway, I don't see what images you would have that wouldn't fit in a gallery.

For Dragon Ball Z characters I'm using these galleries:
  • Dragon Ball Anime
  • Dragon Ball Z Anime
  • Dragon Ball GT Anime
  • Manga
  • Concept Art
  • Official Art Work
  • Fan Art
  • Wallpaper
  • Cosplay
  • Figures

I don't think anything else is needed. What other types of images are there? Just use galleries like those and we should be fine I think.
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aztek_the_lost said:
"I was told they were able to by a wiki mod at CV, and I've seen G-Man do it before...but I don't know how to myself or if it can be done here."
I heard that they can't rename, but they can delete. Meaning that instead of a nice quick rename, they'd have to move each image individually, and then delete the original gallery.
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