Adding multiple companies/studios to an anime

Topic started by EganTheVile1 on June 1, 2012. Last post by sickVisionz 2 years, 9 months ago.
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At present, we can only add the publisher of an anime, which often only tells a portion of the story, there are generally multiple parties involved in the creation of an anime, especially modern ones. I think in addition to publisher, we should be able to associate an animation studio (or studios) and maybe even attach companies to the credits of specific episodes. Is this doable or too big of a re-write to the sites code?
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There's a lot of work if you're going to associate companies with episodes. Companies are more for franchise, movie, manga series, and anime series pages. If we have staff, we could associate more than one company to a franchise, anime, manga, and movie wiki page.

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@takashichea:  Yeah, I think a quick example, and I hate constantly using a TF series as an example but this comes to mind, the publisher of Transformers Prime is Hasbro Studios, the animation studio is Polygon Pictures... The one thing that absolutely needs to be done though, without question, is being able to associate companies to Movies/OVA
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This would be a dream. Even renaming the publisher tag to animation studio would be a dream, as most people use the field for animation studio as well. Multiple connections is the most ideal though. Even for animation studios, it's very rare for one company to handle every aspect of animation. An example would be Another, which is by PA Works who are pretty well known but also had Production IG (who is major enough to where you wouldn't they'd be doing non-headline work) doing some lesser animation in episodes.

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