Adding manga series without a franchise...?

Topic started by RedRoses on Dec. 15, 2008. Last post by LordAndrew 6 years, 1 month ago.
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I looked through the FAQ and couldn't find my answer so I thought I would post.
Is there a way to add a manga series without having a franchise to relate to it?

For example, I'm trying to add Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Official Casebook but it says "name must be specified" since I left the franchise blank. I don't really want to add Phoenix Wright as a franchise since it's only a manga series (and game but that's not the point of this site).
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Hey RedRose:

No you have to add a franchise name.  The way we structured everything here is that everything starts with a franchise.  For most things, specially the big things, this works great.  For some of the one offs, not so well.  But in the grand scheme of things its the better way for us to tie most of the manga series, anime series and movies to one page ( franchise ).  Also the search results at the top left of this page does not return anime series, movies, or manga series; it returns franchise results though. We'd have way to much of the same titles if we allowed series and movie level results in there.
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Problem is, many series were added by the staff without franchises, making things much more difficult to find and inevitably leading to duplicates being created.
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Some movies were the only thing that didn't all get assigned to a franchise by launch.   All Manga and Anime Series are attached to a franchise.  On any movie or series page you can attach a franchise ( or multiple franchises)  to it.
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No, I can see some anime series without franchises as well. Go through alphabetically and you should be able to find them all. I count 11 and I'm not even finished the A section yet.
I'd add franchise pages for them myself, but it seems most of them are probably too obscure to find information or an image for.
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