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Topic started by Xephon225 on Dec. 15, 2008. Last post by Xephon225 6 years, 2 months ago.
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I am wondering how to add an image to a series as opposed to a franchise. The ribbon button only seems to affect the franchise page. As far as I can tell, if an image isn't uploaded for a series when the series itself it submitted (and a franchise exists for that series) then it cannot be changed. I tried to add an image for the RahXephon series but I can't figure out how(it only changed the franchise page).  As things stand there is no image when you browse for anime series and no image if you add the series to a list. If you add the franchise however there is one. Am I missing something?

Edit: I think this also applies to individual episodes. When you add an episode you have the option of adding an image but I do not see a way to upload one once the episode has been added. Can someone clue me in one this?
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Right now every image is rolled up to the franchise.  You can create Galleries for specific series there if you want.  This is an area we are still thinking about how best to handle.
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Ah ok. Concerning episodes though, what would be the best way to add pictures? Should I create a new gallery for each episode? What I would mainly like to do is add the title screens to each episode so that that picture appears in the top left by the episode name. As far as I know the only way to do that is to add the image when you add the episode.
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