Why Dragon Ball was a great success?

Topic started by comicfanforever on Feb. 18, 2010. Last post by Chengy 4 years, 10 months ago.
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Your opinion??
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  • Likeable characters
  • Interesting storylines that attract both young and old watchers
  • Great amount of hype after the original series
  • It's pretty much a merchandising monster, you can do absolutely anything with the concept, from toys to videogames, cards, costumes, etc. 
  • It's got freakin Goku in it. And he has become one of the most recognizable chracters in history
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^already answered most of my points. and also a good humour that still make people laugh :)
Also find a better picture to associate with DragonBall it seems like you only meant DBZ :P (as you guessed i like the original series alot more)
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Black_Rose pretty much summed it up.
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not sure but i do no that dragon ball pretty much wrote the rule book on battle manga 
and almost all battle manga today follows this rule book
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can an interesting storyline Be said To be one of DB's Strong points? I always thought that the storyline was just a means to explain the fight scenes. (plus it was ridiculously drawn out)
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@rein: That`s DBZ not Dragonball XD
@ryozakiL: Yu Yu Hakasho did more for present day battle manga then Dragonball did.
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Dragonball/DBZ is a great success since it is the most influential shonen manga series. 
Oda of One Piece noted that Akira Toriyama influenced him. 
Monkey D. Luffy = Goku. 
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Good question. When you look back at it, it was just a bunch of battles and slow pacing. 
However, i'm more cynical these days. I also haven't watched any episodes ever since GT forced me to turn the TV off. DBZ: Abridged aside, of course. 
I think its because the epic battles and stories, while laughable now, had appeal and, to paraphrase Black_Rose, had memorable characters.
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Because dragonball was amesome!
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Yeah, as the others have said, the stories and characters were, at the time, quite memorable. Caught in their thrall, you honestly find yourself hanging on these terrible, 3 episode reveals. Plus, most of us have watched in bulk, regularly (m-f toonami schedules.) so its got more of a comfortable, regular vibe. Why constantly scout for new shows? DBZ can keep you busy for months ^_^
In hindsight, though, the convoluted bits and stretched sequences make it less desirable when you look back. Hence the reason Dragonball Kai cleans up so well.
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because its amazing period. best fighting of any show period.
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Because it was something new and different back then, what else did we have on tv? Pokemon, Power Rangers, Power Puff girls, Dextors Lab, Ed edd n eddy, johnny bravo, and so many more crappy cartoons, it was one of the first real action packed anime i ever watched
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