Dbz isn't overrated.

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no it isn't, because some of your "anime" take alot of aspects from dbz like one piece, yu yu hakusho, bleach, and naruto. despite wat most ppl say, that anime is a classic, weather u accept it or not. enjoy this awesome amv. 


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One Piece take more from Dragon Ball then Dragon Ball Z, but you are right about the others
A classic anime to me is one that I can enjoy all the time, DBZ is not one I can enjoy. 
But I enjoy Dragon Ball
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@SSJjanemba: The power of DBZ characters are overrated.
The show's though is a great classic. Maybe it looks a bit cliche nowadays but Toriyama had a number of revulutionary ideas at that time. It's just that others took those up and made it overused.
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@Destinyheroknight said:

" One Piece take more from Dragon Ball then Dragon Ball Z, but you are right about the others
A classic anime to me is one that I can enjoy all the time, DBZ is not one I can enjoy. 

   But I enjoy Dragon Ball "
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DBZ is a good anime, I personally don't think its amazing, Dragon Ball was much better, that was amazing. To me the greatness of DBZ not DB is overrated. The power of the characters is way overrated. 
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One scene always stuck out with me for Dragonball which I don't think I can show off here: NO BALLS, NO BALLS! XD
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@Dream: haha i remember that one
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DBZ was something of a classic to me, as well as a sort of guilty pleasure.  It doesn't have some amazing story writing or anything, but it always reminds me of the good old days of not taking anything seriously and just going with it.  
Also makes me laugh where the English translation attempts to convince me that Namek would explode in 5 minutes time or something.  A few episodes later...nope.  Still there.
However I will say I can only really watch DBZ with English Dubs, as I cannot stand the overly high-pitched Japanese voice acting.
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Not to mention, Akira Toriyama, made most of the first season nearly all by himself.
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No it's not people just don't like things that are really popular, however it is being milked for all it's worth and people overestimate their powers by saying they are the strongest anime characters and such.
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DBZ overrated? never! overpowered yes but its still a good anime in fact its what pretty much what brought forth this new age of anime at least the famous stuff like One Piece Bleach Naruto Fairy Tail etc. without it there wouldn't be such animes
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  Not this again... 
This will be my only piece on this, so I hope I make myself clear enough. 
Dragonball Z was one of the first anime to reach the West on TV. People will point to stuff like Akira (1988), Fist of the North Star (1986) and Guyver (1989 to 1992), or earlier (Robotech, Thundersub, Speed Racer, Voltron): The former were never really meant for on-going TV broadcast, being movies and OVAs, the latter just a bit out of the age range for people growing up in the 90s. For 291 weeks, you had an easy influx of anime, every week, on TV. Of course, TV stations would repeat the hell out of them: it had a huge audience, ranging from young boys to college students recovering from a hangover (guilty as charged). 
Of course, the "first" anything - first love, first car, first video game, first time living on your own - will leave a huge impression: my first experience was with dodgy VHS tapes with Cantonese dubbed anime, which kept me entertained as a kid. For some it will be coming home from school and seeing the adventures of Goku and the gang on TV. For some it will Voltron that filled that slot. That's fine. That youthful sense of wonderment is something to be cherished and no one should take that away from you. 
But this is what irritates me immensely about some people. Instead of taking that first experience as it is - a fond memory - and taking it as a stepping stone to discover more about this wonderful world, they use it as a measuring rod to measure everything by. People who endlessly fawn over their first love, first car, first video game are insufferable!  
  • "Oh hi, I know we're supposed to be on a date, so could you stop talking about your ex-boyfriend for just a second here?"
  • "This car runs cheaper, faster, safer, quieter than that death trap you call your car, can you at least admit that?"
  • "This runs at 60 frames per second, beautiful graphics, full orchestral sound design, split second control... Will you let go of that paddle already?!"
I've went from shonen to what now would be called seinen (young adult) to shoujo. From action to comedy to drama. I've willingly sat through what amounted to 25 minute adverts of new merchandising and recognized it as such. I've been as mesmerized by 25 minutes of non-stop action as well as by 25 minutes of almost nothing. I know people like their MacDonalds, but a fine steak, or even some vegetables can be quite good for you.
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DBZ is the best fighting animation of all time. 
No other animation has as good fighting, no other fictions fighting compares to the animated fights of Goku vs Freeza, or Goku vs Cell. 
As far as power go's, often DB characters are quite underrated.  
I just don't think we need a DB thread every ten minutes dealing with the same things. 
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Maybe if you watched something other than shonen you'd get more varied criteria for your opinions. 
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dbz is overrated ever sense people seen cities moons and pplanets being destroyed dbztards been saying goku can beat anyone las time i checked vegeta got knocked out by being thrown to trunks plus goku's strength cannot take out a planet but his ki can ki isn't isn;t the same strength and speed

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DBZ is good

Yet is still overrated. And now even overused.

Sincerely I think that the fanbase has ruined what DBZ was.

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DBZ is accurately rated imo. It's a classic show that attracts people of all ages and continues to do so going on 20 years post release. It's not some critical darling, but it knows who it's for and it is able to hit that age group hard no matter when it's shown, whether it's early 90s, late 90s, or today. It's a timeless show and is constantly creating new fans. Any praise it gets is well deserved. How many shows from 20 years ago do what DBZ is still doing on the same level?

@Asune said:

Sincerely I think that the fanbase has ruined what DBZ was.

This is always a nonsense argument to me. The fans didn't get episodes re-edit or scripts changed. It's the same exact series. I've never gotten, "the fans have ruined it," whether it be DBZ, Naruto, Bleach etc.

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I like they keep bringing it back. It reminds me of comics, the characters just keep having adventures and you don't have to go through the heartbreak of it ending

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I hate the terms under/overrated because the majority of the time when someone says that a about a show it is just a superficial way to insult or praise a show.

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DBZ is overrated. End of story. I actually had to login to comment on this. As for DBZ influencing Yu Yu Hakusho, their original mangas were released quite close to each other, but it's just the DBZ anime got over here first. Another thing is whereas the fighting for Yu Yu and everything was planned from the beginning, DBZ was not, so yeah while you can say it influenced Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tail, and etc.., I don't believe it influenced Yu Yu.

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