Is Mihawk one the most powerful shown characters in One Piece?

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This is something I've just been speculating on but it certainly seems plausible. He's got the title of World Strongest Swordsman, a title which often seems to be overlooked. Shanks used to be his rival until he decided Shanks was no longer a challenge once he lost his arm and Shanks has been shown to be able to block an attack from Akainu and Whitebeard with just his one arm, as well as effectively ending the War without even having to battle.

Mihawk was also completely unharmed during the great war, despite having fought against a number of powerful opponents, including Vista and Crocodile.

All the other greats, such as Whitebeard, Garp and Sengoku are probably past their prime and not as powerful as they used to be and the admirals all took damage during the war, although Akainu did have it fairly rough.

What do you guys think and please try not to flame, it's only speculation.

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Mihawk is without a doubt one of the most powerful characters in the OPverse, however, he is not THE strongest character in the OPverse

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@ohgodwhy said:

Shanks used to be his rival until he decided Shanks was no longer a challenge.

This is simply not true. At no time did he ever say Shanks was not a challenge. And some evidence suggests that Shanks may be equal to or stronger than Whitebeard.

To answer your question, yes, he is one of the most powerful.

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Absolutely. Many believe that he is the strongest shichibukai which he very well could be, but Doflamingo and Kuma might be as well. Neither of those two were harmed during the great war either and Doflamingo also fought Crocodile. He even completely halted Jozu and toyed with him whereas even Mihawk's attack was blocked by Jozu. Those 3 are very mysterious and I have tried putting them in order from strongest to weakest but none of them have been shown in a serious battle yet despite having fought several elites on screen so for now we can just speculate. But I do think it's clear that they are the 3 strongest members excluding Teach who ascended past shichibukai. But about him vs Shanks, it isnt clear but I would say Mihawk takes the back seat in this instance. Shanks although near featless so far, has displayed minor incidents of great power such as blocking Whitebeard's two armed swing with his one arm, doing the same to Admiral Akainu's magma fist with ease, and knocking out fairly powerful people with his monstrous haki aura which not only knocked out Coby (which even Luffy's king haki didnt do) but uses it passively while Luffy and every other haki user thus far only use it in short bursts rather than constantly. Mihawk is definitely one of the strongest characters in one piece but I would say there are those few who can beat him.
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@taichokage: My interpretation of the incident with Coby being knocked out was because he was overwhelmed mentally from nearly dying, not because of Shank's Haki.

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Yes and I hope it stays this way. Coolest Shichibukai IMO.

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Moving this thread to Mihawk's forum since its not a true battle thread.
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