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Pokemon, dragonaball z, cowboy bebop. oh and for me cowboy bebop was my first experience with different thinking. I was all americanized and the end of bebop i was young and i thought wait can stories end like this?! i thought they were always happy endings. made me love the randomness or unpredictable content that anime offered. When any tv material is enough to get you emotional or thinking alot at the end of it i automatically think it was worthy of watching. Oh i also watched evangelion when i was probably just getting into my teens.

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I remember Doraemon!!

I actually didn't know that origin story of your relationship... I DO TRUST YOU SAM! (Sometimes.) In my case my introduction to anime was Candy Candy and Digimon: Adventure (a bit later came Moster Rancher and Pokemon).

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First anime ? My god... let's see: The Mysterious Cities of Gold, Captain Harlock and Nobody's Boy Remi were my first series, and I didn't know it was anime back then. Also, those three were popular in Canada, especially in French.

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The first anime I remember seeing was actually DragonBall Z back when it was airing on a local channel every Saturday alongside the Pokemon series days after I was given my first pack of Pokemon cards.

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My first anime? Either Robotech, Transformers G1, Speed Racer, Astro Boy, or Voltron. That was when I was kid. First one I knew was anime? Probably one of the shows on Sci-Fi anime weekend.

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For me my first experience with anime was sailor moon. But I didn't really start to get into it until I started watching the Sci Fi Channel and saw their special Anime Week, hosted by Apollo Smile. Ah, those were the days, I loved watching that program and since then its changed my life forever! I continued to watch there Saturday anime line-up with such shows as Vampire Hunter D, Armitage, and Demon City Shinjuku, just to name a few.

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I grew up watching "Battle of the Planets" before I even knew what Anime was... 
My first forray into Anime knowingly?...Ouran High School Host Club.
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The first anime that I ever watched, and this was before I actually knew it was anime, was Star Blazers (Yamato) and Battle of the Planets (Gatchaman) in the early '80s on Fox 29 and Channel 48 respectively. The first anime films that I ever saw were Akira and Fist of the North Star, which I rented when I worked at Blockbuster in 1993. Ever since then, I have been a collector of all things anime and manga. Hell, I even learned (and still am learning) Japanese because of anime and manga.

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@Daroki: Straight up, Shin Getter Robo is pretty dope. It's fairly adrenaline fueled, and the plot is a bit convoluted, but the animation and the action is extremely faithful to the original and has a huge "widescreen anime" feel to it. Give at least the first episode a shot, if it doesn't ride, let it slide

@animehunter: I'm so happy to hear all these old mecha shows being integral. I guess for a guy my age my first mech experience was through Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (though that is more sentai than anything)

@jj_jackson: Your Cowboy Bebop experience feels similar to how a lot of kids get introduced to different types of storytelling. It usually comes out of nowhere, you always remember your first time, and it's kind of surreal. Not everyone learns about MacGuffins, false endings, and the like through film school :)

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Robotech some time around 1984ish.

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Anime was always around my life since I was little even if I didn't recognize the different from other cartoons. Eventually it was Toonami and Saturday mornings with digimon and dragonball z eventually it got explained on. I first started searching out Manga in middle school where the tokyo pop boom hit in my home town. I only really got into anime however in my freshman year of college when I first moved been eating it up since then.

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Saint Seiya

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