Thoughts on Digimon Xros Wars?

Topic started by Obsidian609 on Sept. 14, 2010. Last post by MohsinMan99 4 years, 2 months ago.
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Alright lately I have seen users on this site complain about the last 4 Digimon series. So I have started this topic to see what the users or fans think of it so far. To me it reminds me of the first series just with adding concepts like war and combining Digimon (somewhat similar to what we saw in Digimon Adventure 02). I am personally a fan of all the voice actors on this show and impressed with the villains they chose.
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I don't like giving up on a show half way through a season or something, I'm generally the one of my friends who will sit through the whole series before I give a fair critique, but I sat through 4 episodes of this show and got bored to hell.
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Until now?, abit childish really, i  do like savers it shows how humans can now be awesome (doubting? have anyone ever ran toward and punched a giant chicken?), in the CCG and general artwork shoutmon evolution generally tend to look better , the X4 is one of the most jarring case, from looking like somekind of a robot toy he graduate into an Omnimon Styled supah robot, which look way better, so far i am liking Safers, or 02 better
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it's really starting to get interesting now....they are showing a lot of top-tier digimon this season getting Lucemon Satan Mode and the Grankuwagamon army...
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