Shunsuke's Naruto pages complains!!

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Hello! Just a huge Naruto fan here complaining as always,OK..

I been editing a few pages and have came across fatal mistakes that deserve no forgiveness.. I'm exaggerating obviously, but they still pretty bad mistakes.

Kurenai Yuhi: The Kurenai from Naruto is named Kurenai Yuuhi or I also heard that: Kurenai Yuhi is also correct. I came across a large mistake on the search bar while I was adding info to the Kurenai from Naruto's page.

People have to understand that: just because the character is named the same, it does not mean is the same character. You have to be careful with the Japanese names!!!

I found a page of a second Kurenai, her name is Kurenai Mishina and whoever edited her page wrote the page as if it was the Kurenai from Naruto, and is not!

Kurenai Yuuhi   <-----is the right one!

Kiba: I just realized that Kiba has two pages. Someone needs to check that out. I edited Kiba since it was the one that came out first in the search bar, I brough in some good info and then realize there was a second Kiba page.

Kiba <------Already with info - I edited this one.

Kiba Inuzuka <--------Unfinished by whoever created it.

Someone needs to do something about that..

KIsame Hoshigaki: His name is spelled wrong. His name is Kisame Hoshigaki, NOT! Kisame Hoshikagi..

Kisame Hoshikagi <---------Last name is wrong, should be Hoshigaki.


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Thanks Im sure one of Admin will see this and sort it good work man.,
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Yay! xD

No problem :D
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