Delete video game characters who do not appear in manga/anime

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There is no No More Heroes anime or manga, not past, present, or any mention of one in the future, so the franchise page and characters should be removed. 
Bloody Roar has 1 manga, not sure that really warrants a franchise page and pages for all the characters from the video games, when the manga only centered around original characters and none of the others from the games appeared in it, and there is no additional anime or manga 
Not hating on whoever added these pages, but  there is already a site for video game characters, it's called Giant Bomb.
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@ReplicaRex: Actually, there was a two-volume Metroid manga way back in 2003 that talked about Samus' origins for a bit. If it's not already in the wiki you can add it.

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@ReplicaRex said:

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle did feature an anime bonus movie included in the game. As well as many themes that relate to anime in the Franchise.

[video of non-No More Heroes anime used to show that No More Heroes is an anime...?]

How on Earth is that being counted as a No More Heroes anime when it features none of the characters from the game and takes place in a completely different reality than the game?


Marvelous, the Japanese publisher for Desperate Struggle, is also releasing a special "Hoppers Edition" in Japan, which will include the game, a DVD containing a movie titled No More Heroes 1.5 (which bridges the gap between the two games), a CD soundtrack, and a fan book. An erotica comic is also included when preordering this edition.

It seems like this may actually have a legitimate stake at being in the wiki. Can anyone confirm whether this movie is more than just gameplay footage and cutscenes strung together and whether or not the comic features the characters from the series?

@EganTheVile1 said:

Bloody Roar has 1 manga.

Then it counts as a manga. If people randomly made characers pages for non manga/anime characters then those should be removed.

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I was not questioning that Bloody Roar exists as a manga, however there are pages for every game character, and none appear in the manga, also there is a franchise page when the manga was only a limited series, that does not warrant a franchise page

edit: the no more heroes manga @MisterX: you are showing is from the games instruction booklet, I have a copy, I know where it comes from, there is also a large amount of NMH underground manga, nothing official

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@MisterX: even if that is so, the image you used was the Wii booklet cover

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