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Added it without realizing Lecher already had a page, sorry can't be expected to remember every variation of the word can I :) 
Anyways delete this and I'll add the wordings I can think of to the existing concept
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Are you sure these are the same?  In the dictionary they are similar but in anime most lechers are losers who do pathetically pervy stuff like being a peeping tom but are never/rarely able to actually to pull a woman and have sex with her.  A lot of times, if they find themselves in an actual situation that could lead to sex, they reject the opportunity and run away.  Your standard harem guy is a good example of this.  They probably have porn and fantasize about women all the time, but let a woman come on to them and all of the sudden some high moral system kicks in and they'll reject the opportunity 99% of the time.
Anime womanizers on the other hand aren't doing stuff like peeking into locker rooms or hot springs, but they bang chicks left and right and rarely reject a woman who comes on to them.
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Yeah, there's a clear difference between lechers and womanizers. Makoto Itou from School Days for example, would be considered a womanizer, while Jumpei Manaka from Ichigo 100% is a lecher.  
So as far as I'm concerned, it can stay. 
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I was just happy I did not accidentally add a dupe and it was a good sub on my part, N/M on the deletion request then
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