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Hi everyone. There seems to be quite a mess with the character Conan Edogawa and the surrounding franchise.

First off, there is two empty pages for the name Conan Edogawa. At the same time there is a page for Jimmy Kudo who is essentially the same character in "disguise". Apart from that the page Detective Conan exists while Case Closed also does. The problem with this series is that it was renamed to infinity in the US release exclusivley. In all other translations (German, French etc.) the character is called Shimichi Kudo and only in the US version he has been renamed to.... *sigh* Jimmy.

So what are the guidelines now which name do we use for the character's name now his real name or his alter ego? Jimmy or Shinichi. Since the US translation is in the minority in this case I think that it would be adequate to let the characters have their original names. I just don't know what to make of this mess, so I'm presenting it to you so you can decide.
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What we normally do is stick with the US release names/dates/all information so I assume Case Closed is the official name released in the US right? We would stick with that one then. Also, the information on the Detective Conan page can be put into the Case Closed wiki page so that shouldn't be an issue.

As for the character issue, I would stick with the Jimmy Kudo one since that's the US release. Also, you can add aliases on the wiki character page so you can include all the names the character has there along with the "disguise" names.

For those extra pages, you'll have to notify a staff member to delete those because wiki mods don't have the power to delete pages at the moment.
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Wow that is like confusing....................
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@jewl122:  And your reason for bumping this is?
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WHAT IS BUMPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO CONFUSED??????????????????????????????????????
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@jewl122:  Don't go posting in a year old thread just to say that you don't understand what's happening. Its pretty much spamming especially if the thread not made discussion. 
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