A few dupes/possible dupes

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Definate dupes 
Lowe Gear 
Lowe Gear  
and I'm assuming Gohan Grandpa is a dupe of Granpa Gohan
Probably could be combined but guessing there is an argument for having two pages for these characters
Mega man
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@EganTheVile1: Agumon in Digimon Savers isn't the same Agumon from Digimon Adventure. They're the same species, but not the same character. Not a dupe. Likewise, one of the Megaman entries refers to the hero of the NT Warrior series and Battle Network games. The other refers to the original game protagonist, who appears in the manga Megaman Megamix. Megaman should be all one word - but again, no dupe. Gohan Granpa is definitely a dupe though.
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Took care of Lowe Gear and recycle the dupe. The others are already done by someone.

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