Booby Tail: Beyond the Fan Service lies a Jewel

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Welcome to the first review/ guide of Fairy Tail OAD! Ever since I wrote those weekly reports for Beelzebub, Blue Exorcist, and Sket Dance, I just had to do one for Fairy Tail OAD because Newten has the weekly ones. In this guide, we'll explore the plot, the good, the bad, and the bizarre.

Fairy Tail OAD's Promotional Poster
Fairy Tail OAD's Promotional Poster

This episode was based on an omake, Welcome to the Fairy Hills.

Also, the theme songs are done by the voice actor Tetsuya Kakihara (Natsu Dragneel) and Aya Hirano (Lucy Heartphilia).


"Eternal Fellows" by Tetsuya Kakihara (Episodes 1-2)


"Daily Hymn ~This Place~" by Aya Hirano (Episodes 1-2)


Why I called this "Booby Tail?" Well, I remember watching a Youtube video that reviewed the OAD's first episode and its title was "Booby Tail". You probably know what elements it will have in store for you. Like all weekly reports, I cannot give out too much details and encourage you guys and gals to watch Fairy Tail OAD's episode 1 and 2.

In this story, Lucy finds a strange request from the head of the Fairy Tail's exclusive female dormitory in Fairy Hills. At Mirajane's request, she goes out to investigate it, and an old lady, Hilda, asks her to find the sacred object that she has lost. At the same time, Happy is giving Wendy and Charle a tour of the dormitory; the boys at Fairy Tail are cleaning the pool.

Will Lucy find the sacred object that Hilda has lost? What's the meaning behind Hilda's request?

Tune in and watch Fairy Tail OAD's episode 1!


Unlike the weekly reports, I will split this for two audiences, guys and gals. This episode is not for young children as it has suggestive scenes, innuendos, ecchi, and cosplay fetish.


For the gals:

  • This episode has a nice story that ends well for Erza and Lucy because Erza gains closure with the help of Lucy.
  • Happy is cute and darling tour guide who has the girls participate in a fun game.
  • We get to see what the girls' dorm rooms are and how it reflects their personality.
  • In Happy's game, we get to hear some gossip and rumors about the girls' potential love interests.
  • Fan Service: For you Gray fans, Gray is naked in this episode.

For the guys:

  • Fan Service: Lucy has some scenes that views from awkward angles. A lot of girls have a hot bath, so a lot of ecchi stuff is present.
  • For you cat cosplay lovers, you have Lucy and Erza dressed in cat outfits.


For the gals:

A butt shot of Lucy. For shame, Fairy Tail.
A butt shot of Lucy. For shame, Fairy Tail.
  • There is too much fan service that makes it hard to bear due to the bath scenes and how Lucy is portrayed.

For the guys:

  • There is fan disservice when the boys of Fairy Tail get too curious.


How does hot sauce make them jiggle?
How does hot sauce make them jiggle?
  • How does hot sauce make Lucy's breasts move?
  • The female dormitory is not shown in the anime series.

Overall, the episode is good and not too bad. Despite all the fanservice, we get to learn more about the women of Fairy Tail and Erza's past.


Updated since 11-16-11

Fairy Tail vol. 26 special
Fairy Tail vol. 26 special

Recently, I found that some Fairy Tail volumes have special covers and bundles. For volume 26, you get the 1st OVA cover, the Fairy Hills DVD, and its manga story. Also, the volume/DVD bundle has a Happy collectible strap.


I like thank you guys for reading. I like to thank Annabanana and others who uploaded images for this episode and the rest who worked on it. Please see our work on Fairy Tail OAD's 1. There's a lot of anime/manga differences between this episode and its omake. The episode has many extra stuff in it such as extra rooms revealed and more.

Wiki Editor's Credit

  • Annabanana
  • Dekken
  • Obsidian609
  • Takashichea
  • WaterMaiden15
  • Buhssuht - for his bounty task on Fairy Hills location page.

Don't forget to watch the next episode of Fairy Tail OAD!

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You know Boobie Fairy is a better name than Booby Tail. Under the good section for gals, don't you think it's strange that you had pictures of girls in bikinis. It might imply that girls like to see other girls (the way you say it). A strip of dorm room images would be better, don'tcha think? When will you put up a thread for the 2nd OVA? I can't wait to read your reports. They're great.
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Booby Fairy does sound better, but I can't change it since this is a forum thread. As for the images, I did not take out the bikini shots because the girls are just playing Happy's game. There's nothing wrong with it. I did add the dorm images, and I added the Fairy Tail's special edition, volume 26. For the report on episode 2, I haven't finish the full plot yet. I only did the anime references and short plot while Anna added the images and Obisidian609, Dekken, and WaterMaiden15 worked on it. I have it up by winter break because I'm busy with my teams on other wiki projects and weekly reports.

Thank you for the heartwarming comment!

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Oh, my, I guess this had to come sooner or later. :)

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Hmm, I forgot I posted threads of the OVA here, too. We'll move them once we create the four OVA pages today.

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