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 Watch what you say, baby!
 Watch what you say, baby!

“Sorry, I’m not good at remembering faces.”

Oh, you’re a sly one, Mr. Yagami.

It speaks to the quality execution of this show that such tension can be wrought from a simple scene of two characters checking in at a reception desk. I’m really hoping Light doesn’t kill the fed’s widow too, but I get the feeling there’s no guarantee that she can last. Every statement she shares with Light might as well be another nail she’s hammering into her own coffin. And you can tell that Ryuk’s sick mind’s just finding it all delicious.

 You are one FOCUSED detective, L.
 You are one FOCUSED detective, L.

Speaking of what Ryuk finds delicious, I find it amusing to think of the preponderance of “forbidden fruit” in this show as a sign of this being a covert ad for Apple. C’mon… what is world-class master detective L’s computer of choice? A thinly-disguised iMac. It’s such an amusing thought to entertain that this could serve as extended commercial like those BMW HIRE shorts were. It would surely the most morbid ad campaign of all time, wouldn’t it? 

"There's not better device to track an omnipotent serial killer down with than the new Mac G5."

Enough of my bizarre flights of fancy, though…

L’s reveal here was great. I really wanted to avoid comparison to Sherlock Holmes throughout this, because… well… I’ll admit to having a limited knowledge of the detective genre and I’m sure there are other characters who are better fits for comparing, but… I can’t help seeing similarities here to the “eccentric Bohemian” angle that was taken for the Robert Downey Jr. movie. Maybe you can compare him to Columbo too... except if he had dark circles under his eyes and went around barefoot everywhere.

 You're  a bad man, Light.
 You're a bad man, Light.

Either way, I’m quickly joining the throng’s of you L fans. He’s a fascinating character and I’m endlessly intrigued by how he applies logic to understand Kira’s motivations and impossible methods.  And it’s just as intriguing to see Light sensing how he might be getting figured out, and then subsequently devising ways to spread disinformation. This is turning into quite the game of cat and mouse.
Check out this episode, "Unraveling, on Hulu here. You can also see my thoughts on episode #5, here.

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I may be getting into a weird area, but I seem to remember that the original forbidden fruit by some scholars was suppose to be the pomegranate. Just later reinterpreted by European artists as an apple. Since many of them had never seen a pomegranate, Different cultures through the world have depicted the fruit being a wide variety. From grapes to figs. Some say tomato, but those are native to the colonies. They always seem to pick one that is most prominent to their own culture.
You are going to cause no sin making Holmes comparisons with me. I'm already in Holmes Joys mode since my favorite Japanese detective manga has a new case going on now that is emulating Hound of the Baskervilles
L is a pretty unique detective character.
Watching L and Light battle it out in this series is where the entertainment value is for me.
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L is unique, and very, very, odd, to say the least. I enjoy that he is the rival to Kira and is very on top of things. On the other hand, L gets tedious to listen to when he rabbles on and just how he could possibly think of what he thinks of. Don't worry fans, plenty of L and Kira action is to come..Actually, more than you can imagine.

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i do really enjoy L as a character and find him personally more relatable then light. Also that Sherlock Holmes movie sucked, for a movie about a detective he sure did use his fists alot, not to mention watsons dissapearing injury where its in a cast, then out of the cast, then the cast dissapears entirly all in the same scene. sorry just ranting. I also have a question are you going to watch the live action adapatations of death note when you finish the series?

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@FoxxFireArt:  Huh... interesting. I think I remember actually hearing that covered in a lecture. I think we can agree, though, that DEATH NOTE's trying to evoke that symbolism with the usage of apples here.
I was just hesitant to say Holmes because he's basically the defacto comparison for detectives. I wanted to be a little more creative. Then again, I suppose people make the most comparisons to Holmes for a reason.
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@yuetheguardian:  I might watch the live action stuff. My friend has those DVDs. I'll hold out committing until I get to the end though.
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@sotyfan16:  Ha! But I love his rambling!
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Well, look at it from the perspective of those artists in the old world. Let's say you never saw a pomegranate before, but I showed you a picture of one. It's red and round. It's not as if people were extremely literate in that era. Let alone new other languages. If you saw a drawing of one. Wouldn't the first thing that came into your mind be an apple? It's just that since the Catholic church spread so far and prominently in Europe. It became the standard.

I agree that the Death Note itself is highly symbolic, and the series is trying to push that with Ryuk's obsession with the fruit.

The fruit was suppose to symbolize knowledge, but I am not sure sure about those teachings. It implies that knowledge is inherently evil. While knowledge can be abused. It can also be used for good. I think this ideal was abused to try and keep people passive. If you don't have knowledge. You can't make choices. Such as with the Serfs. (I am officially rambling.)
The Holmes series has suffered from localization and censorship. Most people think that "the game is afoot" and "Elementary, my dear Watson" were things Holmes said all the time. He didn't. There was also the idea that Watson was some bumbler. He wasn't. Most US readers would probably never even know that Holmes frequently used a 7% solution of cocaine regularly.
I think your comparison to Holmes was apt enough. The way they use simple logic to make broad deductions.
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L is a cool character and all, but sometimes he makes huge jumps in logic before considering more realistic things.
Within the context of an anime though, its not too bad.
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