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 I can just see it. Coming this Fall, to Must-See Thursdays...
 I can just see it. Coming this Fall, to Must-See Thursdays...

I can’t believe I’m feeling so bad for the dude with the ‘fro (I forget his name) but his exit from the task force was infused with some serious pathos.  He’s been trying to do right this whole time, putting himself out on the line  and, now, he has to leave with no sense of satisfaction nor dignity - - not even that stipend  L might have given him. He’s let his dead friend down and, now, he can barely face his own family. What a powerful turn for a character who’s been basically a scenery- filler up until this point.   What cruel humiliation L put him through. How many tests did he really  have to go through to earn the man’s trust?

I’m loving the way L, Light and Misa play off one another - - it’s like some deranged sitcom. Light’s the straightman, Misa’s the quirky love interest and L’s their wacky, Kramer-style neighbor - - and his eccentricities are getting played up considerably. He won’t wear shoes, he won’t sit right, he’s got an insatiable sweet tooth and, when he fights, he only fights with feet.  Actually, since we’re on the subject of the eccentric, here… how crazy was L and Light’s bullet-time brawl? It just came out of nowhere.

Actually, I think that might’ve even been the first fight scene in this entire series - - and we’re almost halfway into it! I have to say it’s very impressive that DEATH NOTE is as thrilling and suspenseful as it is without having had a single fight before this. I love as good action scene as much as anybody, but I realize it can often be a crutch. Then again, I suppose this might be a question of how strictly you define fights and violence, since Kira’s been killing scores and scores of people with the Death Note.

You can watch this episode, "Ally,"  for yourself on Hulu here, and read my comments about the previous episode here.

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How could you forget Aizawa when there is Anime Vice. Come on, man! lol  **teasing**
That was kind of a wicked test L gave with that payment plan. I don't mean "wicked" in the slang sense. I hardly ever use slang in conversation. I never quite understood "dawg". I heard it constantly on the football team, but I digress. It was a bit sadistic. Yet, I can still understand it. L is used to working alone, but also seems to understand what these people are risking. He didn't tell them originally, because he didn't want them to stay out of some sort of quest for the money, but out of a need for justice.
I was impressed with that moment of just how tough L is in a fight. You can really tell he could win in the straight out match.  I love that like that he's stronger then he looks. That was the added comparison to Batman I mentioned was coming in the previous article. No way I was going to spoil that moment.
It has a great finale to it as well. "Matsuda's acting stupid again.".
I even enjoyed L's, dig about burning calories if you use your brain. The whole scene was great.
From a completely deductive standpoint. The fact that this person who is killing people as Kira is using the Death Note to murder for the profit of the company now and currently "punishing" criminals as a cover shows a complete alteration in the killer's motives. Which speaks against the theory of "Kira" passing from bodies. It's the same methodology that helps investigators ID real serial killers from copy cats. Patterns and variations are huge clues in profiling.
This M.O. is too obvious and easy to find. It's as if he wants to be caught,or put out to be caught. If there is anything that is watched more frequently and with more scrutiny to odd trends. It's the stock market......., and sadly "reality" T.V.
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Death Note has had plenty of action scenes. Whenever that epic opera music started up in the background and Light started going off with his pen the animators made it seem very fast paced and "action-y." Of course, I think that was just a scene for the fangirls to debate over to see who's strongest.
You have a point with the sitcom though. That was the perfect setup for a sitcom spinoff. There are probably plenty of fanfics for it though.
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@Gasero:  Plenty of fanfics and probably plenty of yaoi too. Ha...
Light versus L, though? I've got a hunch that L would win if the fight went on any longer. Any guy who opts to use his feet instead of his fists has probably got more than few tricks up his sleeve.
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@FoxxFireArt:  Aizawa, huh? He always be fro-dude to me.
The whole Kira entity passing from host to host would really fit in with the Grudge, wouldn't it?
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In the Grudge, the spirits were targeting anyone who entered or lived in that house. What L is suggesting in more along the lines of possession.
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misa is going to be the character they ruin when this becomes the next big american summer film!
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The character interactions is probably my favorite part f the anime, especially w L and Kira. I can't wait to see what you think of the later episodes. 
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