Watch & Learn: DARKER THAN BLACK #8

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 Further argument for smell powers. Just imagine what catnip would do to this guy.
 Further argument for smell powers. Just imagine what catnip would do to this guy.

What happened to all the feel-good slapstick? Kurasawa gets back down to business in this one because, sure enough, the sexy lady who hired him turned out to be shadier than she at first seemed! And, like I intuited before, it seems like he stumbled onto the solution rather than actually, you know, deducing it.

Actually, while we’re on the subject of clues, why don’t you more Japan-savy users help me out here. Is Kurasawa a common name? I figured, at first, that his name was in reference to the director, but then opted not to comment because I realized it could be as popular a name as, say, John Ford. Yet here he reveals that it’s an alias, so I’m second guessing my own second guessing....

They don’t come out and say, but I’m going to guess that the bad guy had to compulsively huff things in exchange for his contract’s body-swapping powers. Either that, or he’s just got some gross fetish. Is it wrong then if I thought he should’ve been sniffing, I don’t know, his wife’s panties instead of an old, dingy sock? I get the whole idea about him trying to hold on to his old life and all its odors, but doing something as above-and-beyond pervy as that would certainly seem in line. Hell, I’d imagine it'd be easy to keep up if kept hitting up those legendary used panty-dispensing vending machines.

While we’re on the subject of smells (and aren’t we always?) this episode got me thinking about how dangerous a Contractor with stink powers would be. Laugh all you want about the potty jokes. But you think about it - - bad smells are a hell of weapon. It’ll disorient your opponents’ senses, it’ll give ‘em nausea… it’ll even make an evil femme fatale run out and ralph all over the pavement. That's more powerful than turning into a crow, no?

Watch this episode "The Scent of Gardenias Lingers in the Summer Rain... (Part 2)"below and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.  


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I think they actually got rid of most of the used panty vending least the ones that said they had ones worn but underage people...(though I always wondered if that was just some sort of scam...I mean even in Japan I can't see a middle schooler selling someone her used panties to put in a vending machine (and I can imagine Japan doing just about anything really)
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that can be help
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I'd assume someone with stick powers would be more of an accomplice for someone more powerful. The stink could distract, but you still have to be skilled in order to defeat the opponent.
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