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Talking about suspension of disbelief, I’ve got to say I have an easier time believing the whole “blood teleportation” gimmick than I do buying the notion that Hei’s such a good actor. That’s a big pillar of espionage stories, sure (or pseudo-espionage stories,) but I somehow don’t see this cool badass with deadly electric cables studying AN ACTOR PREPARES in between missions. Hell, even with double identities being a huge part of superhero fiction, I don’t buy him being that convincing as some nebbish waiter in a hotel’s staff.

That said, this arc does pick up a lot once he brings the fight to this bad guy with one of the ickier gimmicks (er… “contracts”) ever conceived. As far as personality profiles go, it actually was pretty interesting to have this crazy mob daughter have a violently ambivalent need for somebody to defy her and tell her what to do. However, it’s executed so murkily, in spite of the cogent “summation statement” in the blood elf’s monologue, that I’d still label this as an “off” arc for the show. They're really not putting enough of a spin on the familiar touch-and-go relationship between a vigilante and the cops for me to get too excited.

Side note - - anybody else find the little jabs as “McDonness” to be pretty amusing given the show’s overtly-visible sponsorship deal with Pizza Hut? Critiques of Mickey D’s aren’t exactly rare, of course, but this coincidence works out a little too neatly to just shrug off. Part of me is starting to expect (or wish for) a contractor whose powers are sustained by a regular intake of stuffed crust.

Watch this episode, "The White Dress, Stained with the Girls Dreams and Blood (Part 2) below and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Power: Exploding Blood

Cost: Cutting your self

He won the superpower lottery there.

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could have been mcdonalds was gona sponsor it then seen the blood an went no.But i notice variations on mcdonalds a lot Wacdonalds,Wicdonalds even wcdonald  any thing to do the arches i think.Makes as much sence as in Get Backers they have a coffey shop named Honkey Tonk. 
i wonder tho around this time the anime came out would warcrafts buring crusade been a head not or tip of the hat to ,for a blood elf ? shows air date was 6/07/2007 ... wow expansion burning crusade 1/16/2007 ... so possible tho not probable :)
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At the time when DtB came out, Pizza hut was everywhere in anime.

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