Crunchyroll Wants YOU! To Translate Tezuka

Topic started by gia on May 6, 2009. Last post by lanaswift 5 years, 10 months ago.
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has acquired the license to one of Osamu Tezuka's last works, the anime Wonder Beat Scramble, which they'll be releasing in its entirety (26 episodes) for free. But apparently they're so busy with all of their other simultaneous releases that they're seeking help with the translations.

So they've arranged with Mushi Productions, the company that manages Tezuka's works, to set up a contest. The first two episodes will be translated by Crunchyroll, and then they'll upload a special about the show, starring Osamu Tezuka himself. Individuals and groups can create their own subtitle file and send it in.

The “top” translations will “win prizes” (note the lack of specificity on either of these items), and the winning translator(s) get to help subtitle the rest of the show. Presumably for free...although if they finish through the entire series, they'll get some kind of extra bonus prize as well, also unspecified. Given how grueling translation work can be, I hope it's pretty major, like a trip to Japan or something, because otherwise it feels a bit like translating is being undervalued...

...On the other hand, it's cool to see fans getting directly involved in the translation process in a manner that's legal. So I guess we'll see how it goes.

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free labour much?
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Yeah, really. I'm a little skeezed...
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Um, the prizes are specified right in the official post that ANN's article links to, if you'd been bothered to read it:

With pictures, too!
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This is like making a deal with the devil...Love Tesuka, but wants crunchyfail to just fail...
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I'm actually somewhat with you on this one NovidAnon. I'm all for legal translation work and such, but I really can't stand crunchyroll at all..

That said, sorry Shinji. I always thought you were a jerk, and I think I'm gonna keep working on my Little Busters translation instead.
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Some anime companies will send you a C&D or even sue you for doing a free translation, because you're eating into their profits. Others will give you fabulous prizes, because you're saving them money. Either way, crunchyroll will make a cheap buck off your work (and get off scot free.)
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...I'm reasonably certain that Crunchyroll is doing this particular one with permission. Since, y'know, they actually say it's being done in conjunction with the Japanese copyright owner.

So I dunno what kind of "getting off scot-free" is involved here.
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