Crunchyroll Launches Drama Membership

Topic started by gia on Dec. 16, 2009. Last post by gia 5 years, 1 month ago.
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 This movie is awesome. Especially if you have an inclination to slash.
 This movie is awesome. Especially if you have an inclination to slash.
I mentioned that this was on its way in the Straight-Up News a couple weeks ago, but now the membership has actually launched: Crunchyroll's Drama membership, to run in conjunction with the Anime membership.

Like the Anime membership, the Drama membership gives the user access to higher-quality videos and no ads as well as to a whole bunch more titles (including a number of movies). It costs the same amount as the Anime membership, but you can get an all-access membership for a bit of a discount (it varies depending on the frequency of your membership).

There's also a special upgrade deal for current anime members like myself that gives an even bigger discount-- because you tack on $2, $5, or $10 for one, three, or six months depending on how you're running your Anime membership account, and you keep that price for life. So an All-Access Membership from scratch runs $11.95/mo, but if I upgrade my account I get to pay $8.95/mo. Not bad!

What do you guys think? Should I upgrade my account? If so, what should I watch? Almost everything up there currently is K-Dramas, though if the site keeps chugging it may yet garner some more J-Dramas as well. (And it does have some, such as RH Plus and a personal favorite, the first Onymoji movie.)

(A quick note: according to the post, the Drama membership is mostly for viewers in North and South America-- apparently Crunchyroll's drama licenses aren't as broad as it is for many of their anime titles.)
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Personally, I don't see why we have to pay more (as CR members) to access dramas.  I thought I paid for site-wide access with my CR membership last year.  If they can add more anime without adding different levels of membership, they should be able to add dramas without adding another kind of membership.  More content means more new members, which should pay for whatever they decide to license.  And the whole "some people don't want to watch anime, just dramas..."   So what?  They offered dramas before and those who wanted to watch those did, and those who didn't skipped them; same with the anime.  But the point is, with my membership I had access to all of it.  Now I have to watch ads and poorer quality videos?
What they're doing is basically gouging those who paid for the CR memberships in the first place, taking away some of our benefits and making us pony up to get them back.  I'm really annoyed by this, and absolutely will not be purchasing the drama membership.
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@sunflower: That's a good point-- I never tried to watch dramas with my anime membership; I didn't realize that they were included at the time (were they? Or did we just guess that they were?).
On the other hand, the companies involved in the dramas (particularly Chinese and Korean ones) are probably very different than the companies involved in the anime, so it makes sense that those companies might not have wanted to work the same deal as the anime companies...especially since I believe those dramas aren't quite the draw that anime is. Hmm.
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@gia: I watched several of the dramas on CR.  Coffee Prince was the only one I liked enough to recommend, though others weren't bad.  But when they were first put up, CR members had access to more episodes than non-members, the way we do with anime.
I still don't buy that argument.  I mean, every anime company will want to work a different deal too.  Look what they did for Fairy Tale.   And yet we didn't need another membership, or to pay more for that.
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@sunflower: Ah, but the Fairy Tale deal was still through TV Tokyo, which is the company that I believe Crunchyroll gets most of their direct-from-Japan anime titles from.
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