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“Ah My Goddess” episode 4 brought a smile to my face and made me laugh. But I can’t make up my mind if that makes me an immoral person, because all the scenes in this episode that made me laugh involved our heroes doing things that, while hilarious, were blatantly illegal and probably should’ve gotten them thrown in jail.

Our story begins when Keiichi agrees to take Belldandy along with him to college so that she can see where he spends his days. When a college professor questions what Belldandy (whom no one has ever seen before) is doing on campus, Keiichi tells a little white lie and says Belldandy is a foreign exchange student. The college staff, in the interest of…y’know…doing their jobs, decide to check the computer system and see if this is really true. That’s when Keiichi’s muscle-headed senpais from the motor-club (who, now that they’ve gotten a look at Belldandy, do NOT want to see her go) decide to solve the problem of Belldandy’s potential banishment from school grounds by turning to the simplest, easiest, most straightforward solution they can think of…illegally hacking into the school’s computer system, changing the records, creating a false ID for Belldandy, and listing her as one of the university’s students.

This in and of itself didn’t strike me as very bad. What really put things over the top however (and shamefully had me cracking up, even though I knew it was wrong) was when one of the school’s more overzealous teachers decides to look into Belldandy’s past by checking the university’s hard paper files, and Keiichi’s senpais hamper his investigation by vandalizing his office, gluing folders together so they can’t be opened, ambushing him from behind by dumping heavy metal objects on him, and physically abusing him to such a degree that eventually the overzealous teacher ends up lying in the dean’s office, and it’s not clear weather he’s injured, comatose, or dead.

However, despite all the other things that made me laugh or brought me enjoyment over the course of this episode, the crowning jewel of comedy, without a doubt, has to be Sayoko. The beautiful, rich, vain girl who brutally shot Keiichi down when he tried to ask her out in episode one, but who now feels threatened by the fact that everyone seems to like Belldandy better than her, and who has therefore decided to appoint herself Belldandy’s rival, pledging to steal Keiichi’s heart away from Belldandy in order to prove her own superiority.

Sayoko is sadly (or rather, hilariously) unaware that Keiichi and Belldandy’s relationship is protected by “The System Force” a magical aura that causes bad-luck and harm to befall anyone who attempts to come between the two lovers.

Watching “The Queen of the Campus” Sayoko try to seduce Keiichi (and fail spectacularly each time, whether it be due to having buckets of waste water dumped on her head, being chased by dogs, or being nearly killed by falling billboards) was simply priceless.

By the end of the episode, there is every reason to believe that Sayoko (who seems unwilling and unable to interpret her misfortunes as an omen, no matter how many proverbial pies hit her in the face) will continue to try and pursue Keiichi. If she does, I will gladly be there to watch. Laughing all the way.

Watch "Ah! The Queen and the Goddess!" and decide for yourself, then read my thoughts on the previous episode.

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