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 I'm kind of convinced that the bar on his cheek bone is just a fashion thing.
 I'm kind of convinced that the bar on his cheek bone is just a fashion thing.

You’ve gotta love heroes who’re this callous. Sure, the eco-terrorists waste an entire room full of bystanders in cold blood... but do Spike and Jet let that distract them from their mark? Nope. Do they waste a single moment thinking about the tragic loss of innocent human life? Nah. Does the tone of the show even change to reflect the implications of this calamity? Hell no! 

Like I said about the last episode of DEATH NOTE, the measure of well-written villainy is how angry you get when the baddies succeed… and how satisfied you are when they finally get their comeuppance. To that end, Mom for FUTURAMA (as I liked to think of her) was seriously getting on my nerves, cheating her way out of the bounty, and I thoroughly relished Spike turning her virus bomb against her. The deal was all-the-more sweetened by how he didn’t even seem to know what it was playing with (trying to crack the case open like Tex Avery squirrel and a walnut.) And then, she talks all big at the end, reaches into her pocket and… what does she pull out? The bomb!

That's a whammy!

 You're a bad girl, Faye.
 You're a bad girl, Faye.

Faye hitchhiking in outer space was hilarious. I’ve watched enough space opera to… well… to fill an opera house, and I’ve never seen a "galactic gag" like that before. But don’t worry, Bloodraven. I’m not going to get sweet on her. Uh-uh. No way, Jose.  I know she’s a bad girl. I’ve seen her type before. She might look sweet, but she’s not to be trusted.

The sad thing is, this episode’s actually a little topical given that bizarre eco-terrorist hostage situation that happened at the Discovery Channel’s UK offices yesterday. I was actually going to comment that this episode also reminded me of 12 MONKEYS (to further the movie tribute theme) but, upon reflection, the connection’s a little tenuous. Do you figure I'm missing some references here, friends?

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This has to be my least favorite episode of the series.  I think part of what makes Cowboy Bebop one of the greats is the side characters, and I found the old lady just too annoying.   
Also, it just doesn't fit the theme of the series.  Almost every episode that doesn't introduce one of the main characters has this constant focus on the past.  I guess the whole de-evolution thing might be the closest thing in this episode, but it's weak at best.
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i actually saw this the other night. it was okay, didn't really hold my attention but the ending was definitely tense. though a bit unbelievable. i seriously doubt, even in space that he would have been unable to out run a field of missiles.
i dunno, i guess this episode was a bit off for me since ed wasn't in it.
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I want to give Faye a hug. She deserves one almost as much as Asuka does.
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I agree, this is easily the worst episode of the series, an obnoxious, nonsensical villain, a plot ripped off from the Super Mario Brothers movie, and frankly none of the coolness or hilarity that nearly every single other episode has.
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Spike was particularly cool in this episode. I really liked that moment as Mom is scared to hell as Spike struggles to open the package and is ready to shoot. it. It was as if he didn't even notice her reactions. Though, he even slipped it into her pocket. 
So what if Faye is a bad girl? Since when do guys care about that? The same way girls always say they don't like bad boys, but always end up dating them. I know so many girls who always complain about their boyfriends. They frequently say, "Why can't I find a nice guy?". I always think to myself, "hypocrite".
I saw the news on that Eco-terrorist nutcase. I have some issues with Discovery Channel, but it's due to the fact that I think they show too many damn Deadliest Catch marathons and not enough Mythbusters. Also, too many survival theme shows.
There is also that matter of making a Sarah Palin reality show. She's as dumb as a bag of hair, why is this on Discovery and not E!? This isn't going to be learning about Alaska. It's her ego trip.
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Hey ! We care about bad girls... Because they're AWESOME !!! ;-) 
Eco-terrorist ? Man I think that existed only in my Shadowrun RPG... :-( 
Anyway, this episode is cool to me, but not the brightest of all. I love how EVERYBODY are loosing they're nerve except Spike and Jet. 
Frankly, I'm the kind of people who's stay cool when everyone are about to stress and vice versa so, I enoyed the attitude. 

That, and the end of the was verrrrry satisfying.
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