Watch & Learn: Cowboy Bebop #1

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  I haven't seen half of these characters yet. Relax.
 I haven't seen half of these characters yet. Relax.

I asked you lunatics in the Anime Vice community to pick the next show I ought to watch and COWBOY BEBOP was what you picked. I’d heard about this series for a long time prior to watching it - - mainly from people saying that FIREFLY owed a big debt to it.  I didn't realize that "a long time" was actually twelve years. Did this thing really roll out in ’98? Wow.  I guess I was never that interested on account of the title, which sounded too... playful? Too silly?

Anyway, the similarities are pretty obvious right off the bat. A western in space? Check? Guns-for-hire who’re after bounties or mercenary jobs? Check. A charming rogue lead? Check. Then again, I remember reading an article in ANALOG digest years and years ago about how everybody thinks space westerns are the most original idea when they’ve actually been around for decades, so go figure. My roommate was even keen to point out the whole shootout at the bar in this episode was modeled after DESPERADO and I have to say that the similarities definitely are there - - even right down to the lighting scheme.

I still enjoyed this episode a lot, especially the jazzy music and the 60s/70s style opener.  I'm trying to think of where I've heard it before actually. Is it borrowed from something? Maybe it's just gotten into my brain and stuck there from some scant perusals I've had on Adult Swim. Either way, that contributed to the fun LUPIN III undercurrent coloring everything.  

And whoa… wait a minute… this pilot episode actually had a self-contained story without a cliffhanger?
That’s certainly bucking the trend of every other series I’ve watched for this site. What an intense note to end on, too. The demure bad girl whom we thought was pregnant (but was actually smuggling drugs) finally has to kill her psychotic lover? And we only get the cold punctuation of  a muted muzzle flash and some blood splatter? And then... she gets blown to the smithereens by the space cops? That’s some harsh stuff, brother, and I’m jonesing for more of it in episode two.

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Another watch & learn? are you doing three at a time or did you give up on Gurren Lagann and FMA?
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Back in the day, the complaints I saw were more about  some thematic and stylistic similarities between Firefly and Outlaw Star, though I understand people seeing some similarities with Bebop too.  The similarities were pretty mild and they're nowhere near strong enough to be upset about, Firefly is clearly its own show and a good one too.
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I hope you end up enjoying the series as much as I did!
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This is a series that I really enjoyed, but [adult swim] seriously overplayed it. I've seen every episode so many times. I really can pass on this series for quite a while. There is too much of a good thing.
I'm still aghast that they selected Keanue Reeves for Spike. That movie is D.O.A. now.
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Well we just wait.
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I find this series alright. Majority fo the anime community lives Cowboy Bebop and I understand it's a class by certain means and can be fun and interesting..but for me this is a series worth a couple views but not much more. Hell, I didn't even watch this until earlier this year. Most of the eps are single stories as there are only a couple times where more than one is used.

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Aww man, I was hoping you'd do Trigun instead of Bebop. Well, either way they are both enjoyable. I actually don't remember too many of the details of Bebop though so I may have to rewatch this show as well.
You could have turned the channel. I typically stopped watching AS reruns after the second go. From 2004-2007 it seemed like AS didn't want to show anything new. I didn't have to watch my Lupin, Bebop, or Trigun dvds cause Adult Swim probly had one of them on anyways.
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Almost every episode of Bebop is a self contained story.  There are a couple of two parters and some background stuff that is interspersed throughout the series but it's mainly episodic. 
I remember reading that after doing Escaflowne the creators didn't want to do another long sequential show and chose to make Bebop episodes pretty standalone. 
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You may notice that he's been sticking to rather "safe" series. Things with the most public recognition behind them. Trigun may be big, but Cowboy Bebop is bigger.
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Hm, I didn't 'drop' Bebop, but I stopped at episode 22 for some reason. I don't know why, but I've been meaning to finish the series.
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I've always preferred Samurai Champloo to Bebop.  Nujabes's (RIP) music in Champloo really clicked with me, but I never cared for CB's music, for one thing.  I don't think Bebop is bad, I just don't really like it.
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i am  HUGE fan of Firefly and Cowboy Bebop, they probably rank as my 1st and 5th favorite shows (respectively) that said, i've never really seen that many similarities between the two. I understand that they have the same basic idea, but the directions they take are totally different
Cowboy Bebop is about the characters overcoming their pasts and moving on with their lives and while that's true for River Tam, the majority of Firefly is about how the characters interact with and affect each other
one more thing, when you get to the episode about Feng Shui, do yourself a favor and skip it. it sucks
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I really think this show is over rated.  Most of the stories are pretty pedestrian and don't deal with weighty issues like some of the other shows you are watching.  It is fun and the music is freaking WONDERFUL (just like for ghost in the shell) but I like Ghost in the Shell, FMA, and Eva much more.  Ending seemed pretty lazy to me as well.  Don't get me even started on shamploo ug...I wish I could have the time back I spent on that show...
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Almost every episodes is stand alone (with some hint of red line connection), still this is the best of 20th century anime ever given to me. Along with Black Lagoon and Master Keaton
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Are you watching the sub or dub? I personally watch all my anime in Japanese with a sub (obviously), but for some reason I prefer Cowboy Bebop and Trigun's english dub. It's probably because I saw the episodes over and over when they used to be on late night toonami, but Bebop is one of the best dubs I've seen...or heard.
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The fact that Bebop has more natural sounding dialogue than Firefly, even after being translated from another language speaks volumes about Joss Whedon's writing.
But I digress.
Bebop is a fantastic show and probably my favorite anime of all time, so you'll definitely enjoy it. After this you should check out Samurai Champloo, and then cry about how Shinichiro Watanabe has not been allowed to write another show.
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After you have seen the whole show i would say you should see the movie.It seems to take place some time be for the end of the show. [AS] has gone over bored on showing cowboy bebop but it was the 1st anime to air on [AS] and it stays on due to all the strong fallowers it has.(That would be me)One episode is a must see and is my all time fav is "Heavy Metal Queen".I do hope you like this show :)
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I normally find dubs to be too stilted, too little of the interaction of the Japanese voice actors recording radio-theater style in studio ... for example, I just could get going with the Ergo Proxy dub at Hulu and had to rent it from Netflix to get the sub ... 
... but since the Cowboy Bebop dub was well reviewed, I watched episode one subbed then dubbed, and watched the rest of the series dubbed. 
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