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what games are you looking forward at E3 or want to see

Games on my radar

Bayonetta looks to be a great game for DMC fans like myself
Uncharted 2. i loved the first, and the multiplayer looks great
Final Fantasy IIIX, do i really need to say why.
Mag 256 player death matches
assassin's Crees 2
Brutal Legends (little skeptical about this one, considering how bad  Tanouces D was)
God of Wat III.
No More Heros 2
Dark Viod
Dantei's Inferno
Ghost Busters
Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier

and the game i'm most want to see
Ratchet and Clank Futures: A Stick in Time

Now what i'd like to see
a new mario and or zelda game
Something that will justify buying a Wii
Hot Cosplay Booth Babes
Microsoft releasing a lot of Xbox Originals
A new Banjo Kazooie game that's a platformer
a new Dragon Quest game for any console but the Wii
Something new

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When E3 comes around I usually take all the coverage I can get my hands on aside from the stuff I really don't give a shit about (like... I dunno, MMO's, sports games and anything World War II themed).

When it comes to games I'll be following because I actually wanna play them the list is a lot smaller:

Arc Rise Fantasia
White Knight Chronicles (I know, this game has been out in Japan for quite some time now, but I never bothered to follow any coverage on it)
No More Heroes 2
Bayonetta (really not too fond of the character, though, but I did like DMC)
Jak & Daxter The Lost Frontier (nice to see the franchise isn't abandoned yet)
Prototype (looks better than inFamous IMO)
Brutal Legend (not sure how I feel about that minion system, though... but I'll keep an eye on it anyway)

And to a lesser extent because I haven't played the originals yet:
BioShock 2
Mass Effect 2
Assassin's Creed 2

Square Enix hasn't revealed their line-up yet, but I'm hoping they'll have a new playable demo and gameplay trailer of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (as opposed to recycling the ones from TGS), and if they really wanna make me happy, they'll finally show off some gameplay footage of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The Kingdom Hearts team (which doubles as the Versus team) won't be attending E3 due to swine flu, though, so that seems unlikely. I'd also like to see anything Dragon Quest related, but the US isn't the country I'd expect them to make any big announcements in regarding that franchise.

Don't really care about FF13, though. I'm only interested in Versus XIII because it's an action RPG developed by the Kingdom Hearts team.

EDIT: Well, Square Enix just revealed their line-up and none of the games I'd be interested in will be present in any form -- bummer.
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I'm not really looking forward to specific games (save 1) because I just want the take the coverage as it comes, and not be waiting on certain things.
That one is:

What I presume will be there that I'm specifically interested in :
Brutal Legend
Bioshock 2
Mass Effect 2
More Geometry Wars
Uncharted 2
Project Trico
Crackdown 2 or A.P.B.
What's next from "ThatGameCompany", the guys who made flower
Ratchet and Clank (if it's more platformy and less shooty)
Half-Life 2: Episode 3 (it's a nice dream)

I'd love to hear what Firaxis are working on now.

Post by Sonata (36,389 posts) See mini bio Level 20
Assassins Creed, God of War 3, the main two I'm looking forward tooXD
Post by AgentJ (1,545 posts) See mini bio Level 13
No More Heroes 2
Tales of Graces
Mass Effect 2
Sands of Destruction
Dragon Quest IX
dare i wish for a Golden Sun?
Alan Wake
Infinite Space
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damn, all that I care are the 3 press conferences. As for game, show me something new. Also I want to see Giant Bomb going to the Atlus booth and ask a million question about the Persona game.
Post by Sigue (860 posts) See mini bio Level 8
FF13, Mass Effect 2, Trico, Kojimar, Valve
Post by Baku_Sensei (464 posts) See mini bio Level 10
Sigue said:
FF13, Mass Effect 2, Trico, Kojimar, Valve
Post by N15PCA (611 posts) See mini bio Level 13
I hope MGS 4 final gets put on the X-box 360.  
Post by Axersia (228 posts) See mini bio Level 11
N15PCA said:
I hope MGS 4 final gets put on the X-box 360.
I hope so too -- just so the internet can explode again like when FF13 went multiplatform.

I personally don't care one bit about MGS, though.
Post by AgentJ (1,545 posts) See mini bio Level 13
Axersia said:
N15PCA said: I hope MGS 4 final gets put on the X-box 360. I hope so too -- just so ... [more]
Lol, you know it would. I'm not sure whether or not i want it to come, because if it does i'll have only a few months to go out and buy a PS2 with Metal gear Solid 2 and 3
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