How many different conventions have you been to in your life.

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Here is a list of all the conventions I gone to so far.

Saboten-con.  I been to one Saboten-con and I'm going to another one this year.  :)

Phoenix comic-con.  I been to three of them and plan on going to next years Phoenix comic-con.  :)

Las Vegas comic-con.  I when to one and I can't go to another one.  It got canceled after it's first year.  :(      

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This year was my 4th (or 5th I don't remember) time I go to San Diego Comic-Con 
I went to Wonder Con this year and went o Long Beach Comic Con last year... I am going to LBCC this year two... so that is 3 different Cons I've been to!
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I've only ever been to one convention and that was GenCon 2010. I've lived in Indianapolis all my life and it took me that long to go. It was only one day, but it was one of the best days I've had in a long time.
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I've been to Comiket in Japan, and Animecon, Tsunacon, Chibicon and Abunai in the Netherlands.
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Only one, which was Nakakon in Kansas City, MO.
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None yet.    :(        I would love to go to at least one major con at some point in my life.
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I have never been to one myself, and I want to badly.
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I went to FanimeCon 2010 in San Jose this past May. It was EPIC (for the 7 hours that I was there on the opening day) n_n

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Ive been to Anime Expo 2001-2010 
Fanimecon - 2008 
Sakuracon - 2008 
PMX 2008 and 2009  
Anime LA 2009
and Club 2 the MAX 2010 which has become a full fledged con now.
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None, go to my first this year in Novemeber in London.
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Just one, Anime Weekend Atlanta, but I've been to it multiple times.
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Both in MD/DC (Katsucon has changed venues a few times): 
Katsucon: (now) Inner Harbor, MD - Every year since 2003. It used to be really small, now it is huge! 

Otakon: Baltimore, MD - Every year since 2003. This one is the biggest convention I have been to and usually the most fun. 
Also it doesn't count as anime but I went to a video game convention called MagFest in 2003.
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