going to nomcom in a few days

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going to my first convention this weekend. 

Nom-Com Irelands newest anime convention. Going to take loads of pictures and post them up. 
 really looking forward to it
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Cool looking forward to that :)
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just back from the end of day 1 of the con. absolutely shattered and going to bed. will post a proper report tomorrow or monday. its a decent enough con so far. as you would expect from a con in its first year there have been bad points like stuff getting cancelled last minute. my camera did not seem to like the lighting in the main arena where the panels are on so not sure how many good pics i will post up. going to sleep now.

p.s. John Swasey is a legend. his panel was definitely the highlight so far
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so nom-con was really good. had a few problems but for their first con it was a top notch effort. i would post pics but my camera would not behave, but fear not as youtube is already flush with coverage from the con so i will post links to them. 
 the best panel by far was the John Swasey panel. he was such a funny and cool guy and told some really funny stories and anecdotes.
Chris Patton was also due to appear but he pulled out the day beforehand which sucked. the other highlight panel-wise was from a group called team giblets who make funny videos and skits based on anime and videogames, i will post some of their stuff later, its awesome. 
other than that i played some videogame tournaments , they ran a pokemon tournament using PBR on the wii and only allowed 3 hours for it but it ran for 8 hours they had so many entrants, it was awesome. watched some episodes of really cool shows in the screening room which i will make another thread about. bought a crap-load of swag and i have so many new boxsets of shows now im going to be busy for a while.  the cosplay was also awesome, i had no idea it was that big in ireland.
the only bad points was that the venue was small-ish and as a first convention they did not have much money and some of the events while good were basic. but it has definitely given me the con-fever and now i want to travel state-side and take in a really big con. 
anyway here are some vids of the cosplay event and i will post more pics and stuff later as i find them. this is not my footage btw.
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