Geek Girls And A Sweet Conventions!

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So I am apart of a group called The Pretty Geeky Girls. 
In fact, we were even on ComicVine in the Wondercon 2011 photos section: 
We mainly are a cosplay group but we all are into specific things like gaming, comic books, anime etc etc. 
We attend a lot of the nor-cal conventions too! 
I am basically here to spread the word! 
If you're interested in checking us out, please do so with the following links! 
  Our Facebook 'Like' Page
Here you can keep tabs on us. We post con photos, links to our videos, cons we're going too and other things. 
Our Website 
This is KIND OF like the Facebook page but more legit. There is a forum (but you cant access it until you sign up) and links to all the cons we're going to. We've just updated it with photos and we also wanna use it to post what cosplays we're going to be doing at cons so you'd be able to find us. 
Our YouTube Channel
There are 10 of us in the group but 6 of us USED to actively post on the channel. NOW, we've opened it up to all of the girls and will be posting cosplay WIPs, conf footage and other things.

Thanks ahead of time to everyone who checks us out!

ALSO, one of the members of our group is on the committee for a con called HyperCon, you can check out more information at their website HERE!
They're trying to get more people to attend this year, and my cosplay group will be hosting a photo booth at the con (you can find out more information on that on our website and 'like' page!

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