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zAhh the last day of Fanime. Usually this day is to relax and look over the days spent running around taking pictures and hugging complete strangers. Blissful state it is. After writing the Gurren Lagann documentary and panel blog entry, I'm quite exhaustive but I shall blog the last day for sure! And here it is in all its glory!

Since it's the time to get any last minute purchases, I went around the Dealers Room one last time. I ended up buying three Gurren Lagann keychains/phone charms and a Yoko patch. I included the picture of that one phone charm I bought on Thursday's Swap Meet (which I took a picture of in my previous blog but failed since it was blurry):

Fanime 2009 - Day 4
Fanime 2009 - Day 4

In the Artist Alley, I wanted to splurge on one really awesome picture. I went across Emi's (well I assume that's her name/alias she goes by based on the business card thing I got) table and bought her water colored Simon picture. In my opinion, it was a good 30 dollars spent. If I remember correctly, she told me that she made it to give to but she never ended up meeting him so she was selling it. I'm quite happy to have it and now I'm looking for a frame. Here's the picture along with her business card:

Fanime 2009 - Day 4
Fanime 2009 - Day 4
Just to pimp her out because I like all her art pieces, here's the links you can see more from her:

Speaking of Artist Alley, my friend bought me a print of Ciel Phantomhive on Friday. I should've gotten a business card or some url so I can credit the artist but alas I don't have one. If you know the artist, please tell me so I can edit this post and credit the person. Here's the print of that picture:

Fanime 2009 - Day 4
Fanime 2009 - Day 4
And just for good measure, here's my Yuki figures from Thursday's swap meet:

Fanime 2009 - Day 4
Fanime 2009 - Day 4
I still haven't figured out a good pose for Figma Yuki yet so she'll be like that for now. Meganeneko ftw! <3

I forgot to take a picture of the tokidoki plush I bought yesterday. Oh well. Here's one online so you can see what I bought:

Fanime 2009 - Day 4
Fanime 2009 - Day 4
Every year, I buy something completely random (last year were pee and poo plushies). The tokidoki plush is weird because who freaken wears a cactus suit? That'd be an interesting cosplay idea...

Another thing I forgot to mention in a previous blog entry is those protesters. I took more pictures of them (sadly my camera died out so make due with my camera phone pics):

Copy-pasted from my reply on this news article:
Basically, there's a bunch of people who come with signs and a megaphone to speak their "words of wisdom" to convert all us evil otaku into fun-loving Christians. Convention goers gawk at them since no one takes them seriously. For example, there's was a Jesus cosplayer last year (and this year) that hung around their area doing random things that's un-Jesusy (best made up word ever).
Here is last year's Fanime forum thread about it:,10050.0.html
There's a couple pictures and videos linked throughout the thread but you'll have to wade through it.

The gathering of these Christian people I witnessed today had some guy spouting random Bible versus and asking if we have found faith. I'm Catholic so I was going to go up to them and say that yes I have my faith but that would make me involved and I'd rather not. Plus, I wouldn't want to associate myself with them because I don't feel the need to convert everybody. People will find their own way through life spiritually (whether they find faith at all), leave them alone. That's my policy.

After walking around and taking pictures, I went to the Closing Ceremony. Before it started, there was a slideshow of pictures from this year's Fanime. It was very nostalgic (despite the fact it was only yesterday/a few days ago). They started out with the AMV audience choice winners. My favorite ones were the Pani Poni Dash one (with "Flight of the Concords" as the song) and the AMV titled "Lord of the Anime" featuring Lord of the Dance music/performance clips along with Miyazaki movie clips. The Pani Poni Dash one was hilarious and the Lord of the Anime one was spectacular. After watching all the AMVs, the Fanime staff were auctioning off items for two charities: the Humane Society (in Silicon Valley) and the Asian Prenatal Society. The first item was an art canvas signed/doodled on by every artist in the artist alley. It ended for $70.
The next item was a LE cover for Resident Evil 5. It was a cell laser print with Chris Redfield on it. It came with a bunch of signatures from voice and motion capture actors/esses. It ended for $100 (and that seemed too low in my opinion but whatever).
The funnier auction was the Wii guitars signed by Halko Momoi (sp?) and a bunch of other musical guests. Two exuberant fans were bid fighting each other. It ended up being $250. After that one, ANOTHER Wii guitar was brought out and they compromised to each other to bid the same price of $250. It was an interesting site to behold.
The most interesting item is the Wii. They have a Wii that's been signed by ALL the guests of honor/musical guests from last year AND that's year. Some people include: An Cafe, Momoi, and GAINAX staff. The reason why it has last year's guests along with this year's guests is because the person who bid on the Wii last year donated it back for the upcoming year. The starting bid started at $600 and it took a while for someone to bid on it. The person who did bid on it decided to donate it back for next year (oh dear it must be uber expensive next year...).
From all the charity auctions (not just the one I witnessed here) the total came to $2620. Fanime is matching that to make a grand total of $5240. Impressive.

The guests of honor who were still at the con were acknowledged once again and Ric Meyers got some award that I'm blanking out on right now. He's a fairly funny man so he deserves it. The chair of Fanime (I believe his name is Tony) gave a mini appreciation speech to everyone but he left on such a downer message that Ric Meyers took the mike and pronounced the end of Fanime by making everyone cheer for next year. That was great.

I then went home at roughly 5 PMish. I noticed I barely ate a breakfast and skipped lunch so I had a hearty meal of lemon chicken and some egg rolls.

Overall, Fanime was very fun this year. I believe it tops itself from last year. Friday and Monday were a lot more crowded than before but the more, the merrier. I don't really have any gripes other than to please help stop the hug lines. They're quite annoying to walk past because they try to solicitate you into hugging them. I don't mind getting asked to hug as long as you don't have otaku funk.

Here's the pictures I took on the last day:

I hope to see you all next Fanime (in real life or in spirit through these blogs). :) I hope you enjoyed reading my blog entries (or if not even that, just looking at pictures). Is there anything I should change in my blog entries or have I been doing fine? I'm sticking with this method the next time I go to a convention if I get no feedback.
I can't wait to see the Fanime videos that'll be up on the site~~ <3 I hope I don't look too stupid. =)

Me rambling about nothing:
  • I don't know how much I spent and I am NOT about to calculate. Usually, I'm one to make sure that I know how much I spent on a biweekly basis but frankly I spent a bit too much. At least it was in cash so I won't have to worry about APR rates on my credit card.
  • I'm also anxiously waiting for my Gurren Lagann LE DVD Part 3 to come in the mail from It's taking FOREVER.
  • I wonder what cosplay I should do next year...

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