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Topic started by RedRoses on May 23, 2009. Last post by RedRoses 5 years, 8 months ago.
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Oh man I'm sleepy. I hope this blog entry makes any sense. Excuse my horrible grammar because of my sleepiness.

So I did go to school on Friday (because it was a minimum day so it's not like I'll be doing much and we leave at around noon anyway). Afterwards, I packed up the stuff I was selling at the Swap Meet along with my friends' stuff they were selling too.

I noticed that there's a lot more people on Friday than previous years. It was packed up the wazoo. Normally, Fridays at Fanime are not that packed... boy it was different this year. Hopefully tomorrow won't be too bad (but then again it's Saturday so I'm worried a bit).

I didn't buy much. Nothing was speaking to me saying "BUY ME NAO!" I'll take pictures of what I did end up getting in my overall Fanime blog. Today, I got a Ciel Phantomhive print from Artist Alley (thanks Ariel for buying it for me!) and a Mokona Modoki plush from the Dealers Room.

I lined up in the preregistration line for the swap meet approximately... 6:30. My friends and I ended up selling a lot of stuff. I dunno how much profit I had but I feel very stripper-y since I got lots of one dollar bills in my wallet now hah.

I forgot to take pictures of the area but I did get a few shots of some random cosplayers:

My favorite is the kid Ness. I love when kids cosplay.
Note to self: Do Not Smile Widely/Big. It looks like I have a double chin when I do that... =_=

See you next blog~ Maybe I'll post a picture of myself in Yoko cosplay. That's if I remember to take a picture of myself... haha.

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Nothing better for you then a good night sleep. Rest up cause I'm sure tomorrow will be twice as fun.
Great photos and OMG Raptor Jesus!
Please do yoko for us. Please.
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Hm, I see some the World Ends With You cosplays there. This is a first for me.
Also, Mikami FTW! XD

Seriously, out of all the Death Note cosplays I've seen anyway, there's not alot of love for Mikami. ><
Post by John_Martone (2,992 posts) See mini bio Level 10
For some reason I found the oversized Black Mages especially adorable. Also, raptor Jesus.

Among my years of waiting tables I used to count my "stripper dollars" in stacks of five. Then I would arrange those dollar bills into shapes/pictures. In hindsight I wish I had taken pictures

What was I saying... Oh yeah, make the monies!
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What kind of stuff did you sell? Just curios.
Post by RedRoses (1,437 posts) See mini bio Level 14
@CapeBarnes: Uhh... I don't remember all of the manga I sold but I sold a good chunk. I also sold Ouran patches and an assortment of plushies. My friends also sold manga, gashapon prizes, and lots of posters. I believe I was standing most of the time trying to sell posters (since he had A LOT and it takes up hella space).
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