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Topic started by RedRoses on May 21, 2009. Last post by RedRoses 5 years, 7 months ago.
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Shall I be doing one of these everyday? We'll see how much time allows. Since this is day 0, there isn't that much to do. I should have taken more pictures (and apparently the ones I did take end up sucking) so you'll have to make due with what I have.

I got my badge thanks to Gia for offering an internship! I waited literally less than 4 minutes to get it. The registration staff was awesome and gave me a badge quickly:

My badge
My badge
Look at that 1337 Photoshop (... Paint) skillz there bruh! ... I was sad that they didn't include a lanyard so I used one from a previous year.

Since I went with one of my friends, we waited in line for her preregistered badge. Oh jeez I should have taken a picture of the line. It wasn't too bad because it ran smoothly but still after getting my badge, her wait was forever. I believe we waited for 45ish minutes. That actually isn't bad but still, 4 minutes versus 45 minutes...

While roaming around, I went to the Swap Meet that's on today. There's another one tomorrow that I'll be participating in. Anyway, here's a couple pictures of the area

Sorry for the really fast shots. I didn't want to sit still and take a proper one. Once the convention rolls into Day 1, I'll take more proper shots. Promise!

Oh man I already spent money and I haven't even gone to the Dealers' Room yet! Here's the stuff I bought:

These were from the Swap Meet.I hope those figures weren't bootlegs... but oh man it was such a steal if they're real! I got the Nendroid AND the Figma Yuki for $20 total! The seller got it as a gift from her sister and she never watched the series so she was just selling both of them together for $20! They're quite awesome, I'lll take a proper photoshoot after Fanime weekend is over (aka when I have enough time). The Yoko phone charm was bloody adorable. I think I got jipped off the price ($12) but it's so adorable.

Am I excited for the next coming days? Hell yeah.
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*Sighs and smiles* SO envious. I wish I could atleast go to Anime North but nope, I must save my money this time around for my major trip this summer. Fanime looks like it's going to be a blast once again this year! ^^
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Sounds like your going to have fun, and the press badge is going to make you cooler then a freshly slice melon on a hot summer day. And how, I'm so jealous of that Figma Yuki figure, So the sec you go to sleep I'll be taking it. 
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So cool. Those figures are too cute! hehehe. I can't go to any conventions, so I'll just look at the images you guys post. ^_^
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GASP yoko keychain, O_O
Post by Sonata (36,199 posts) See mini bio Level 20
Have a Ball Red, I wish I could go!:)
Post by lordhaseo (2,509 posts) See mini bio Level 7
Sonata said:
Have a Ball Red, I wish I could go!:)

ya shes so lukey
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So wait, did you get in for free with that Media badge?
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@CapeBarnes: You mean to Fanime itself? Yeah, I didn't have to pay to go in. Press and industry badges are free (there's a limit of course to each company). There's also requirements for the badge itself since you just can't get one for free.
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