Evangelion Art Exhibbition Tour (Australia)

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It's not really a convention but an art tour, but thats kind of similar, soI hope no one minds if I post this here. In 2013, in April and May, there will be an Evangelion Art Exhibbition Tour in Australia (and for what I know just Australia, sorry to say) in co-operation with Madman, the main anime publishing company here (followed by Siren). It will visit the Gold Coast, Sydney and finally Melbourne. It will be displayed at the Gold Coast City Gallery from Wednesday the 17 of April to Sunday the 5th of May; in Sydney at the Japan Foundation Art Gallery from Friday the 10th of May to Saturday the 18th of May, and some unconfirmed date and location for Melbourne (thankfully Madman stated that they'll launch the website soon). So 18 days in the Gold Coast, 8 days in Sydney and Melbourne remains to be seen. The sources also state that Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Advance will be released in Australia sometime in 2013, possibly to coincide with the tours. That means it'll probably be released in America and Europe at a similar time. The sources talk alot of the Rebuild series, but I'm not sure if they're going to feature the original Neon Genesis Evangelion or End of Evangelion. It will show original concept art, production art, character drawings, Evangelion books, statues and even taperstries. The tour is said to give a “unique and extensive insight into how the famed Evangelion animated films were created."

Well, I'm highly looking forward to this, despite my conflicting thoughts on the series after watching End of Evangelion. I'll most likely be going. I'm glad that Khara/Gainax are bringing their works here to Australia rather than more popular nations of America or England or France. Perhaps Australia has an important role in the next movie? A lot to be discovered about the series and EVA 3.33. Maybe Hideko Anno himself will drop by and...what would happen if he came? I don't know...Anyway if you live in Australia and you like Evangelion, you should problaby check this out. I'm sure it'll be great fun, educational and judging by the previous installments of the series, mindbending too. Should at least be better than End of Evangelion...

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Well more information has been releases recently, such as the official site. Apperently rare artefacts from cinema promotion in Japan will be available to buy. The date for Melbourne has also been reveiled to be from May 27th to June 9th at the No Vacancy Gallery.

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