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I am just curious as to what conventions, anime or otherwise, people will try to attend this year. I live in north west USA, and I don't know of any conventions that are in this general portion of the country. I am definitely wanting to go to PAX Prime this year, but that is non-anime related. So, what are you all attending this year, and do you have any suggestions for people who are in my region?

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I hope to attend these three.

  • Anime Expo
  • San Diego Comic Con
  • Long Beach Comic Con
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@takashichea: Wow, many of the large conventions. I saw that you attended Anime Expo last year. Would you still say it is worth going to?

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AX 2013 was a lot of fun.

In my first experience, there are four big parts:

  1. Booths - sickVisionz and the others gave me advice on attending con for the first time. Always shop around. One guy might be selling it for lot cheaper than the other guy.
  2. Cosplay - I was too shy and I only got 2 photos. Always ask the person first before you take a photo of them.
  3. Meeting the voice actors and other celebrities - expect long lines. Bring something to be sign just in case.
  4. Panels - Those were fun but hard to get in. I remember on my 2nd day, I spent 2 hours in line to attend a panel for Blue Exorcist. Lines to get autographs and panels are bad. If you really want to meet a celebrity or attend a panel, plan ahead and get in line early. I got cut off for one panel. I could have use that time to check out something else.
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I went to AACC over the weekend and I intend to go to Phoenix Comicon this summer.

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@takashichea: Thanks for the advice. I was sort of thinking of adding Anime Expo 2014 to my list of conventions this season. I would just have to save up the money for a plane ticket and a hotel room for the 4 days.

But hey, it would be a great con to go to, now that I've read about what events they have hosted in the past. Panels, buying exclusive items, autographs, everything. I'll let ya know if I decide to go or not :D.

@Erik: AACC? What convention is that? And Comicon is always a highly rated con, so I am sure that will be fun :D.

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Looking back at the Gearing up for Anime Expo this weekend - July 5 & 6th blog I did, I did a lot of preparations, and I ask some folks about what stuff I should keep an eye out. You can read it if you want. Hope it helps you.

sickVisionz's comment was the most useful I had:

You seem pretty set. If you're going to buy something I'd suggested walking around the whole place first and seeing what everyone offers and for how much. Nothing sucks more than buying something cool at the first vendor booth, then walking like 100 ft and seeing another vendor selling it for $20 less. That happened to me when I bought the School Days game. Someone had the regular for $50 so I bought that, then walked and saw someone selling the LE for like $40. It took about 20 minutes of haggling to get a partial refund despite no "No refunds" sign being up. In general, I'd suggest only buying "stuff" as opposed to anime and manga. You can probably get most of that online and cheap from legit sites while other physical goods may be harder to come buy online or only be at sketchy sites.

As for other stuff, maybe buy some hand sanitizer. I got a little sick at my first two cons and I figure germs plus lack of sleep caused it.

I'd also say to plan for some downtime. I wouldn't jam pack panels and stuff back-to-back. A lot of funny stuff happens in the hallways and open spaces during down time. Autographs are cool but last year I really focused on that and I kind of regret it because I spent soooooo much time waiting in line. I met some interesting people and had fun conversations but I missed a lot.

Oh, most cosplayers are cool with people asking for pictures of them. I'm somewhat shy and my first convention I was reluctant to ask people at first but everyone seemed super amped whenever I did. As long as you don't like rush and harass them, I think they're pretty cool with it. Especially the nicher and nicher you go.

Um, that's all I can really think of. Just have fun. You don't seem like a dick so you probably won't have any issues. With the articles you write, I think you might enjoy going to some of the industry panels for companies like Funi, Sentai, etc.

He's a frequent con person.

I should call out since he frequents the Anime Weekend Atlanta con.

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@Vapovile: AACC is the Amazing Arizona Comic Con. It was not as good as the Phoenix Comicon though. It wasn't nearly as organized either. Funnily enough, they were held in the same convention center but the differences were all too clear.

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@takashichea: I also attend MomoCon, which was actually my other go-to con after AWA (which I might attend again). I may have to visit with another friend of just go with my family this time, though.

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Just Supanova, Sydney.

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