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I was talking with sickVisionz on Twitter about creating concept pages for Anime Conventions because I create several blogs to promote them such as industry panels and guests of honor. I had filled their wiki pages with those information. The issue is that when they will be attached to blogs.

The solution is that you guys and gals can post in the Convention forum we have or the Anime Convention concept pages.

Like the Anime Expo that Gia had made, she uploaded lots of cosplay photos while she was doing her news. This is another way for Anime Vice to thrive because of the images and news that increase foot trafficking. For me, I get lost just browsing the images. That's how I found Anime Vice back in 2010.

With some wiki tasks and empty image galleries, this way, people feel open to blog about their experiences. I have been working hard this month for the conventions and the future Summer Anime 2014 Seasonal trailer guide project, so you guys and gals can get in touch with your folks at Anime Vice. Meeting folks online at a convention is a surreal experience.

If you're new, check out the Anime Convention Survival Guide! that my teammates, BigHeart711 and sickVisionz, and I worked on. Hope it helps you.

Let me know if there are any conventions you want me to look up. I'll be happy take some requests. Have a great time out there guys and gals!

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