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Get out of Suzaku’s way! He’s a man in love! Well, he and Euphemia never really consummated anything - - they didn’t even hold hands - - so maybe that’s debatable. I’d say his rage clouds his mind enough to get him acting rashly but, seeing as how he fell for that same trap with the inhibitors once before, I don’t know if we can blame this one on love. I’ll give the kid some credit for finally decking out that creepy tech supervising the Lancelot, at least. That was… oddly satisfying.

Getting back to the subject of love (‘cause that’s what we’re all about at Anime Vice) I like how Villetta basically got her amnesia beaten out of her last episode when she was bumrushed by those ornery Elevens. That scene won the award for most ridiculous moment last episode - - c’mon… the goons barged in the very second she hung up the phone! - - and her little scene with Ohgi wins the prize again for this episode. Of all the awful betrayals! She just reaches into his jacket pocket like she’s grabbing a tin of Altoids, pulls out his gat and POP! Goodbye, sweet prince. No love lost. I have no more questions about the affair except to ask… is she supposed to be Indian? Platinum blonde hair aside, she doesn’t look nearly as WASPy as the other Brittannians.

I’ve learned to trust my gut, and my gut’s telling me that there is NO WAY that VV’s a dude. I had the same hunch about Dilandau when I was watching ESCAFLOWNE and that hunch proved correct in the end (even as more experience anime fans questioned my intuition.) Right now, I’m predicting that VV’s particular geass ability allows for the immediate change of genders. It might seem like he’d be responsible for Cornelia’s lieutenant betraying her, but that’s obviously a red herring.

Watch this episode "The Collapsing Stage" below, decide for yourself and then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Hate to disappoint you, but in this particular case, your male-dar is off. V V is a guy through and through.
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V.V. is a boy. You can tell in the Japanese version by the way he talks. Also, he doesn't have a Geass. He's like C.C.. They don't have a Geass power. They have what is called the Code. They are immortals who give the power. He's also a certain someone's twin brother that you've already seen. The difference is that the twin grew up and V.V. didn't.

I like how that even though Suzaku has the more advanced movement that Kallen is still able to fight on equal footing. She is the superior pilot.

Villetta is just another example of the CLAMP design. The indeterminate background.

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The whole part where Lt. Dalton betrays Cornelia was just Zero using his Geass on him during that incident with Euphemia.  That's why he "thanks" him for the act with a blast from his lasers.  Contrived, I know, but what isn't at this point of the show? 
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First off, i'd like to point out that stuff in this series happens offscreen. So it's very possible that Suzaku and Euphie made the beast with two backs offscreen as well. I know that Suzaku is NOT a virgin, one of the creators has mentioned that he lost it before the series even started. 
And you bring up an excellent point, WHAT THE HELL IS VILETTA?!?! Seriously, does anyone know what her ethnicity is? She's clearly not 100% Britannian, despite her membership in the purebloods. Or does she just spend way too much time in a tanning booth?
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@rxanadu: yup pretty much the whole things is contrived at this point...
I really can't see lulu and euphie making the love (to put it much less crudley) but I suppose it was possible.  Lulu hates what she stands for to much.  Can't wait for you to figure out what C.C. really is and what the contract really entails (you really need to stop giving stuff away firefox)
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@zaldar: Um, i said Suzaku and Euphie, not Lulu and Euphie... though considering the fact that they're royalty, i wouldn't blink if they did do the dirty deed. I doubt it but...
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Man, I know you said you weren't going to watch season two, but I don't see how that's possible with the way season one ends. Even if you don't write about it it'd be nice to see how it all ends. It starts out a little more down to earth, reaches a point of critical absurdness, but then reels it back in for a satisfying ending.
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When it comes to ethnicity Japanese animators seem to be very confused. I know it's not always easy to draw ethnicity just like its not always easy to distinguish ethnicity in reality, but sometimes they don't even try. It's even more difficult for Japanese animators because of the unnatural features characters have like pink, teal, or blue hair and many different eye colors.
@OnlyWonderBoy said:
Man, I know you said you weren't going to watch season two, but I don't see how that's possible with the way season one ends.
Easy, just lose interest in continuing the series like I did.
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@ninjadude853: So, that's why he really killed his dad... 
Too soon? 
Anyway, I must have forgotten that she was pureblood; I thought she was an Honorary, much like Suzaku. 
Also, is it just me, or does Jeremiah look like he just jumped out of the S-cry-ed universe?
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I love code geass but its being reviewed now?
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@lurkero: Even with the cliffhanger you didn't care to find out where things went from there? I just meant the cliffhanger was so abrupt I figured most people would want to at least see how things played out (even though jumping into season two doesn't answer what happened right away),
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I don't think Suzaku was sleeping with Euphemia. The name of his mech, "Lancelot," suggests that he might have been, but I got more of a knight-devoted-to-his-lady vibe from the two of them.
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